Hey guys!

Welcome to my new home online. For a few months now I’ve been wanting a public space where I can discuss my “generic life”–as in, a blog that is a little bit of a mish mash of everything from my spirituality to my writing and photography to adventures I have with my boyfriend and our friends. I used to use Livejournal for this purpose, but have found more and more that that site isn’t really working for me anymore. There’s nothing wrong with it, it’s just that most of my friends aren’t on there anymore. LJ also didn’t allow me to customize the look and feel of my blog the way that WordPress does, so I decided to just migrate over here.

It’s going to be awhile I think before this blog is set up the exact way I want it. I’m not the best at creating graphics (like a header image), so it’s going to take awhile for me to create one that I’m happy with–going to have to mess around in Photoshop a bit (something I’m actually excited about as I want to learn more about that program anyway!). My awesome boyfriend, Angelo, has just agreed to teach me a few Photoshop tips as he’s pretty decent at it 😀

All that said, I’ve been trying things out without having a blog and instead just using my Twitter and Facebook more for posting my thoughts, but I’ve found that I have longer thoughts that I want to have a space set up to post about, and I wanted a way to show off my photography, so I created this blog. I still have Odin Devoted (my blog dedicated to, you guessed it, Odin) which I still plan to update from time to time, but most of the things I want to post about have nothing to do with Odin or spirituality and it didn’t feel right to post them over there.

So even though this may not wind up looking the way I want it to for awhile I still wanted to have a place to post my thoughts and such. ❤

I’m glad you are here~ ❤

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