Midnight Gems

It’s currently 1:30am and I’m sitting in the dark with only the glow of my laptop to provide any light. This is nice. It feels good. I’ve been experiencing migraines lately (being a girl can suck sometimes), so the low light levels are very nice. Only…I’m trying to work on an upcoming project and find that I may need some light to take longhand notes. I work best when I write things on paper. I type all my stories, but notes and outlines and character sketches and plans…those are all done longhand. I’m far better organized that way. The project I’m referring to in this scenario isn’t a writing project (though I have that in the works, too), but still requires a lot of planning. So being able to take longhand notes is kind of a must.

I find myself hesitant to turn on lights. Because this is so peaceful and relaxing. All is quiet right now with the only sound being the air conditioner and the occasional ding of my gchat with my best friend. This moment is rather perfect, and I just needed to note it. Because it’s so rare that you come across these gems and I wanted to capture it, remember it.

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