A Splendid Saturday

Starting this Saturday off with a full monty breakfast–something Ang and I have actually done quite a bit since moving into our new house. He’s made quite a big return to cooking, which makes me incredibly happy. His cooking is so delicious, and because he only knows how to cook for ten people there are always leftovers which work great for dinners at work πŸ˜€ Today’s breakfast consists of fried eggs over toast, a piece of toast with grape jelly, bacon, and taylor ham. And of course a cup of Dunkin Donuts pumpkin iced latte! (The fuel that keeps me going. No, really. It is what I run on. I run on my Dunkin XD)

Photo by Raven

Photo by Raven

On a totally different note though, a coworker friend and I were talking about Michael Jackson the other day. The radio station that we have playing in our vet practice has been playing his song Man In The Mirror every day lately and my ears always perk up when I hear.it. I was a lifelong fan of Michael’s, and when he died it really took my brain awhile to accept it–kind of like it does when you lose a family member suddenly. It kept telling me “no, he’s not gone. This is all some big joke that my mom is telling me” (she’s the one who had called to tell me about it as I was at work at the time). Needless to say it wasn’t a joke. I followed the media footage of everything pretty closely. I watched 99% of the documentaries of his life that they aired, listened even more to his music, watched his music videos. For a few months Michael Jackson was a part of my every day life just as had always been part of my life (I grew up listening to his music).

There was a huge controversy over whether or not his death was intentional on his part. Some say he deliberately OD’d on propofol. Others say it was accidental. There have been speculations of murder. I don’t care much what you think of who he was as a person, but no one can (or should) deny how much he changed the music industry. There’s a reason he held the title King of Pop. Without Michael, the music video wouldn’t be what it is today. He made it into an art form and changed it from boring videos of people singing to a method with which to tell stories.

And all of our lives are built on stories.

After his death, my brain began to percolate and turn to writing as it always does. Writing is how I cope with things. I take things that are bothering me or that I don’t understand and I turn them into a story and explore them through the various lenses of my characters’ eyes. It gives me new perspectives and often illuminates things I hadn’t seen before. After Michael Jackson’s death, my brain came up with a story idea.

It was completely based around what had happened and such. There were two main characters in this story–the pop star that had died, and the young girl detective that would get to the bottom of everything to discover the truth. Of course there would be details changed, and the story wouldn’t ever use any of the Jackson family members. Nor would any of the events in my story be the exact replica of what happened in real life (I had changed the cause of death, names, etc.). I started writing this story a few years ago, but it somehow just hadn’t felt right. There was something off about it. I’m not sure what needs to be changed in it, but something did. So, I set it aside. But now ever since that conversation a few days ago it’s been on my mind again.

I’m currently in the middle of working on my Selkie story (once titled Treacherous Tides, but I don’t like the title so have stopped using it and am going to change it) and trying to finish it. I’m loving it, and thanks to some suggestions made by Naomi I have some ideas where I need to improve it. ❀ Maybe my MJ story will be the next thing I work on though.

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