We Went Apple Picking!

Yesterday, me and Angelo and four of our good friends all went Apple Picking! I’d been looking forward to this all week as apple picking is one of my faaaaaavorite Autumn activities. Visiting an orchard, taking a hay ride, picking out a pumpkin…Autumn just isn’t the same without doing all of these.

Me and my love <3

Me and my love ❤

The day had started pretty cloudy, though we were all in high spirits as Hurricane Joaquin had turned away and headed out to see. But as we drove 40 minutes west the clouds scuttled away and bright, joyous sun spread out before us. ❤ The farm was packed with lines curving down the sidewalks, and people needing to direct people to park around the corner by a school. Ang, Kay, and I were lucky enough to be able to park right by the entrance, but our other friends unfortunately had to park further away :/ It didn’t take us long to find each other though, and then it was off to grab tickets and bags, and hop up on the hay ride to get to the orchard!

The tractor driver went over all the different kinds of apples that there were, but we remembered very little of what he said as far as placement goes. So, we decided to just wander around the orchard and see what we stumbled upon. Each row of trees was labeled with what kind of apple tree was in it, so that certainly helped. Working smarter and not harder, we started at the back of the orchard and worked our way back to where the tractor would pick us up to take us back to the general store (where you could buy delicious apple-y and pumpkin things).

I don’t know what row of apples we were in, but at one point Kay found the sweetest little apple. Sweet only in that it was so adorable because it was so small. If you were to actually eat it, it would’ve been incredibly tart as it hadn’t ripened yet or anything. For some reason she decided to keep it. Probably because of the cuteness factor.

To get to most of the apples we had to use a pole with a basket on the end. This was most amusing as we all tried to twist and turn it the right way in order to get the exact apple we wanted down without knocking all of the rest of them to the ground. This proved to be harder than it looked, and really quite painful for whoever wound up staning behind the person weilding the pole.

We wandered through 90% of the orchard, all of us picking various apples and filling the bags we had bought. I wish I had grabbed some of the Golden Delicious apples, but I didn’t as I was trying to save room in my bag for my favorite kind of apple: Granny Smiths. Me, Kay, and Corinne all wanted Granny Smiths and so we walked the orchard searching for our treasure. We passed Macintosh’s, Roma, Fortune, and Red Delicious in our quest. We found a side orchard, but discovered it mainly had Red Delicious (which we all debated if they were, in fact, delicious or not. I am in the camp that they are!) It was sad to think that I wouldn’t find one Granny Smith in the entire orchard. And filling my bag with other (equally delicious) apples seemed to be my only course of action. At one point we all started simply standing around telling stories. Tony started hanging on his girlfriend and I took the opportunity to snap perhaps the cutest pic of them ever. ❤

After we laughed hysterically for awhile we kept heading on. As we were leaving the side orchard, one of us (I don’t recall who) noticed green apples on the ground. A bunch of them. Not one or two. But great piles. They were Granny Smith’s. In the entire orchard of hundreds of trees, we found ONE that was full of bright green, perfectly ripe and ready for picking, Granny Smiths. Kay, Corinne, and I eagerly filled the remaining space in our bags with as many as we could!

I loved this tree <3

I loved this tree ❤

After The Great Granny Gathering we all decided to head back up to the pumpkin patch to grab our pumpkins. By where we had to return the pole that we’d rented was yet more rows of apple trees. Just so we didn’t miss any kind of apple we decided to wander down them. At one point we found one perfect (or perfect as we could tell) apple at the very top of one of the trees. Tony decided that he HAD to have THIS particular apple and so he took control of the pole once more. But…the apple was at a weird angle for picking. It wasn’t dangling, but more growing UP off the branch. And it was high enough off that eventually Tony had to climb up in the tree to even reach it with the pole!

Eventually the apple did fall. Not into the basket as we had hoped it would, but onto the ground and got bruised in the process 😦 This made us all very sad as we had spent quite awhile trying to get this one apple. Though it wasn’t for nothing. We had many,many laughs while we watching Tony try to get this apple. At one point I was trying to take a selfie with some apple trees, but my friends had made me laugh so hard that I got a completely different picture than what I was “posing” for. It still turned out well though.

I'm actually a little self conscious of this picture as it shows my chipped tooth really well :/

I’m actually a little self conscious of this picture as it shows my chipped tooth really well :/

We got out pumpkins…

…and paid for our apples (as well as a few other goodies)…

…and headed back to Ang and I’s house to turn some of the apples into one hell of a delicious pie!! We all pitched in for some of the work–Kay made the crusts, I chopped up garlic and ran down to the bodega when we needed, Corinne did some dishes, and Angelo not only made the filling for said delicious pie but also sloppy joe’s for everyone to eat for dinner! He spent four straight hours cooking! He loves cooking so didn’t really mind it, but still. That’s very exhausting.

We decided that while we were waiting for the pie to bake we should probably do something spoopy, being that it’s October and all. So we decided to play some Until Dawn. We didn’t get very far, but oh gods I love that game. Can’t wait to continue on further into the storyline. (Also, how mean that someone would trick Hannah like that!) When pie was done in the oven we all enjoyed some with a bit of vanilla ice cream on the side (as one does). It was SO GOOD. Everyone did such a good job with baking and making and it turned out so perfectly. Apple pie isn’t even my favorite pie, but this was some amazing stuff. Perhaps it’s because we put so much love into it.

After we were filled with delicious pie we all kind of wanted to collapse in a sweet bout of exhaustion and food coma. Ang and I were ready to crawl into our bed, but Tony, Corinne, and Snake all had about an hours drive before they could crawl into theirs. So we called the evening at an end.

Overall the day was amazing. The trees had begun to turn and were lining the sky with beautiful burnt oranges as well as still-vibrant greens. It was such a welcome sight, and a great way to celebrate Autumn~ ❤

(All photos by Raven~)

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