Blueberry, Corn, and Banana…Oh My!

I spent all of today baking. The only time I stopped was when I needed to run out to the grocery for more eggs and milk, and a “con survival kit”. My boyfriend is leaving tomorrow to go down to Anime USA with his performance troupe (which is also the rest of the members of No Nostalgia Filter–the Youtube channel I’m part of), and will be gone until Sunday. I’m going to miss him so much. 😦 If I didn’t have to work the next three days I would have gone with them. But my work is such that I can only request off one holiday a year (or, we’re supposed to only request off one), and I’ve already requested off for New Year’s Eve and Day so that I can attend the party Ang and I go to every year down in Baltimore. So, this year, I had to pass on AUSA. (I’m having a Halloween party at my house instead, though, so don’t think I’m just sitting here sad while my boyfriend is off having a great time!)

But it’s often cheaper to take food with you to a convention than to just buy everything there. So, I decided to bake muffins. Especially since Ang had been in the mood for them lately anywhere. In the house we had corn muffin mix (to which I added a layer of mozzarella in the middle!), blueberry muffin mix, banana muffin mix (to which I added some cinnamon), and some apple cinnamon muffin mix. Yes, I made all four kinds. I wanted to make sure Ang had plenty of food while he was gone, plus my friends are going, too. So I wanted to make enough where he could share them and still have enough for himself as well. (He loves sharing food with friends, so making sure he was able to do that comfortably was a thing I wanted to do. <3)

My house smells amazingly now! And despite the fact that I’m so tired now and can’t wait to crawl into my nice warm bed, I had a lot of fun today. I forgot how much I like baking. And it was good for me to find out, too, that my “internal timer” works even on a gas oven. I’ve always just “felt” when something was done baking, and I was afraid that I wouldn’t have that since now I’m baking in a gas oven. But it seems I do and all of my muffins came out perfectly~ ❤

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