Blessed Samhain/Happy Halloween–A Photo Essay

One thing I was starting to do on my old website was photo essays. When I started my day today I had no plans to do such a thing. In fact, the idea only occurred to me about five minutes ago (literally). But I love taking photos, and one thing I wanted to do more was put them out there. So, without further ado, here we go!

Several years ago I started the tradition of marking every sabbat (holiday!) with a drink from Starbucks. Their frappuccinos are on the more expensive side of (non-alcoholic) drinks, but I adore their soy hazelnut fraps. It’s like tasting Autumn in a cup! So, I decided that as a treat every holidiay I would get one. โค

This morning’s coffee was acquired on my way to work. Ugh. I hate working on Halloween/Samhain because it’s always so slow. Though, Samhain had yet to fall on a weekend since I’ve been working at this job. True to years past though it was slow as far as clients go, but there was one part in the middle of the day where we got swarmed with trick-or-treaters and had clients, and it got a little overwhelming. It was causing me a little bit of anxiety because I could hardly hear myself think and yet I was trying to make up an estimate for a patient. Not easy.

At least I was able to dress up!

One of my new necklaces from the amazing Paletree Arcana went purrfectly with my purple and black cat costume! I hadn’t planned it that way, but when I heard it would be arriving in time for Samhain I had to make it part of the outfit. I’ve been drooling over her shop for months and was finally able to get not only one, but two pieces thanks to a great friend (I’ll talk more about this necklace, the other one I got, and a few other etsy shops in an upcoming post in the next few days~)!

I wasn’t the only one who dressed up today at work! I have the pleasure of being able to work with one of my best friends. She dressed up as Minnie Mouse (though later after work she changed into an adorable Little Red Riding Hood outfit to go out with her boyfriend <3). Our other coworker threw together a last minute costume and decided to be Rosie Riveter! And of course the groomers at work had to dress their dogs up, too! Hazelnut made the cutest (and sweetest!) little bee, and Miley had on an adorable shirt, but didn’t want to share the camera with anyone XD

I was going to have a Halloween party tonight, but a bunch of people flaked, and truth be told after working all day and dealing with the swarm of people there I was needing some time away from people. I love people don’t get me wrong. But one thing I’ve learned is that after being around a crowd for too long and getting overloaded is it can cause me anxiety. So I’ve learned to manage that by just listening to my own intuition and mental processes. I’ve learned to respect my own limits. So instead of pushing myself to go out and do something I decided to have a night in of watching Hocus Pocus (a favorite Halloween movie of mine), doing a small ritual, and later starting my NaNoWriMo book!

I also decided to watch my Youtube channel‘s Halloween playthrough of Splatterhouse just because I find Angelo’s character (Dr Apocalypse Syndrome) to be hilarious!

And now I’m going to eat some chocolate and maybe some cheese (not together!), burn some incense, and begin my ritual.

Blessed Samhain and Happy Halloween!

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