30 Days Of Authors: A Photo Challenge

In addition to my two other goals for November, I’m going to be participating in the 30 Days of Authors photo challenge over on Instagram. I can’t promise I’ll cross post the pictures over here, so follow me over there if you want to keep up to date with the project!

If you’d like to, you can follow along as well! The list of topics is below, but there is one or two that I don’t like as I have a hard time seeing their connection to writing (fave childhood cartoon and fave 80’s movie, for example) so I may wind up changing those to something more writing related for my own personal challenge. As of right now though, I’m sticking with the list the way it is.

I didn’t learn about this challenge until today, so will have to do two posts today in order to catch up. Watch my Instagram to stay up to date with my challenge!

1. Go to Comfort book
2. Must have writing accessories
3. Office or writing spot
4. WIP
5. Coffee, tea, or other?
6. Music picks
7. Fave paranormal
8. Paperback or ebook?
9. Authors breakfast
10. Writing journals
11. Fave classic book
12. Author selfie
13. Last book that made you cry
14. Guilty pleasure writing snack
15. Author hoodies/yoga pants
16. Stack of paperbacks
17. Messy bun
18. Video to fans
19. Fave childhood cartoon
20. Favorite funny meme
21. Swag pics
22. Writing quotes
23. Headphones or earbuds
24. Fave book blogger
25. Craft/writing books
26. Author socks/flops
27. Fave 80’s movie
28. Best fan gifts
29. Laptop/computer
30. Author in the morning

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