Etsy Spotlight: Common Brimstone

One of the things I love most in life is the ability to create. That’s one reason why I love Etsy so much. It’s a great place for creators to show off their creations, and make a little bit of money doing something that they love. Most of the jewelry that I wear on a daily basis (with the exception of my rings) come from one Etsy store or another.

With the holidays coming up I wanted to highlight a few of my favorite shops. Both to show my appreciation for all of the owners’ efforts and hardwork, but also so some other people can appreciate the shinies and find things they too may love. So, every Friday in November there will be a different Etsy Spotlight talking about my favorite Etsy stores. Today is the first one!


Etsy Spotlight: Common Brimstone

Common Brimstone is a perfumery owned by the lovely and talented Naomi Clark (who is also a writer!). I’m a huge perfume oil lover (I have quite the collection and it just keeps growing!), so when I discovered her shop I kind of went a little nuts over it. I wanted to buy All The Perfumes, but did make myself pick out one or two first. It was all downhill from there XD To date I have four of her beautiful creations, with more purchases planned around the holidays as gifts!

Because Naomi is so wonderful she agreed to answer a few questions for me!

What made you get into perfume making?

Really it started with just loving wearing perfume, but being dissatisfied with the scents on the high street, which all end up a bit “samey.” I’d been a fan of Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab for years, but they were outside of my budget, so I started looking for information online on homemade perfumes. I assumed it would be some really complex, arcane process, but that luckily wasn’t the case! I found an article on making beeswax and essential oil perfumes in…2012, I think, and I was hooked! From there I started collecting essential and fragrance oils, and developing my own solid and liquid perfumes. By the end of 2012, other people had started to get interested in what I was doing, so in 2013 I took the plunge and opened Common Brimstone on Etsy. I haven’t looked back – there hasn’t been time to!

What do you draw inspiration from? (Do your stories/characters ever inspire the scents you create?)

All sorts of things…mythology is a huge source of inspiration – I have lots of perfumes inspired by gods, goddesses, fairies, and otherworldly beings. Literary inspirations are huge to me too, and I definitely have scents inspired by my own characters! Some things are just whimsical or self-indulgent (I love tea, so I have lots of tea-themed perfumes, for example). And Nature is an endless well of ideas – my Full Moon collection was inspired by the folklore names of each full moon, like Wolf Moon, Pink Moon, etc.

Photo by Raven Perfumes by Common Brimstone (pictured from L-R: Marici, Coffee Break, and Lady Of The Lake. Not pictured: Melody Gloucester Pegasus

Being a Pagan myself (and knowing Naomi likes mythology) had me curious about whether or not some of her scents were God/dess inspired, so reading her last answer just made me smile so big. I’m always thrilled when I find Etsy items that are inspired by mythology and anything Pagan-related, really.

All of her perfumes are scented so heavenly, and they smell so good when applied. Perfume oils (and perfume in general) interacts with the chemicals in your own body, so they may smell a tiiiiiny bit different than what you sniffed straight from the bottle. But thus far, Naomi’s perfumes have all had the best effects and smell even better when I put them on. And they last all day! I don’t find myself having to dig through my bag to reapply haflway through my day (though I do carry one with me just in case. Hey, I drive a 21 year old care and regularly spend an hour on the road each week to go record Let’s Plays. Having a smell good thing on me at all times is not a bad idea!).

Common Brimstone ships internationally, and it usually takes about a week for her shipments to reach you. So, if you want to order something for yourself or for a loved one and you want it before the holidays orders should be placed in early December. Shipments (at least coming to the US fromt he UK where she is based) need to be shipped on or before December 15 to ensure arrival. If you’re looking for sweet smelling things that inspire in all sorts of way, I strongly encourage you check out her shop. You won’t be sad you did!

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