Etsy Spotlight: PaleTree Arcana

With the holidays coming up I wanted to highlight a few of my favorite shops. Both to show my appreciation for all of the owners’ efforts and hardwork, but also so other people can appreciate the shinies and find things they too may love. So, every Friday in November there will be a different Etsy Spotlight talking about my favorite Etsy stores.


Etsy Spotlight: PaleTree Arcana

A couple months ago I was browsing Etsy and found a shop that I had never heard of before, but fell instantly in love with. It’s called Paletree Arcana and the shop owner, Bianca, creates beautiful pendants and rings using crystals and (on occasion) fossils! She’s an amazing artist and for months I drooled over her store, checking back every Wednesday to see her latest updates. I fell deeper and deeper in love with it until one day one of my dear friends couldn’t take my gushing about it anymore and told me to pick out a few pieces as a (very) early birthday presents! Eagerly I browsed her shop and found two pieces that called to me. ❤

Druzy and Opalite on the left, Sugilite and Black Obsidian on the right Photo by Raven

Druzy and Opalite on the left, Sugilite and Black Obsidian on the right
Photo by Raven

I, of course, eagerly awaited their arrival. I thought they’d take like two weeks to arrive, but I was delighted to find they got to me within a week! I ordered them late Saturday night and I was wearing them the following Friday. That’s what you call great delivery time and service. They arrived in purple mesh bags with sprigs of sage in them, which makes them all the more perfect. I love that Bianca included that nice little touch. Made them feel like they were ready to ritual, or sacred pieces just as they are. Which they are, actually. I’ve been obsessed with crystals since I was a kid and have always collected them. The drusy and opalite one caught my eye and I bought because I thought it was pretty (and it has purple in it which is my favorite color). The Sugilite and Black Obsidian one I bought specifically for the stone meanings. That and it was also pleasing to look at (I love that in end I wound up getting the opposite ends of the color spectrum. Seems perfect and balanced somehow~)

In a nutshell, Sugilite is good for dispelling negativity and helping you go deeper with dreams. It aids you in hearing your innermost thoughts and wants, which for awhile was a thing I was struggling with. Black Obsidian also helps with dispelling negative energies, but also offers psychic protection and helps ground you to the Earth. I couldn’t really explain why when I read this stuff that I just had to have this particular piece, but I haven’t regretted buying it at all. It actually wound up being part of my Samhain costume, too!

Bianca updates her shop every Wednesday and offers such gorgeous work. From her pendants to her wands and rings, if you buy something from her it will come wrapped in love and sacred energy. You won’t be disappointed with it. If you have a crystal lover in your life these would make the perfect holiday gifts! However, if you want to make sure you receive your order in time for the holidays then you need to place it on or before December 18th (December 13th if you’re overseas!).

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