Etsy Spotlight: Sihaya Designs

With the holidays coming up I wanted to highlight a few of my favorite Etsy shops. Both to show my appreciation for all of the owners’ efforts and hardwork, but also so other people can appreciate the shinies and find things they too may love. So, every Friday in November there will be a different Etsy Spotlight talking about my favorite Etsy stores.


Etsy Spotlight: Sihaya Designs


Sihaya Designs was created by the lovely and talented Christina Allen Page.

I discovered Sihaya Designs a few years ago when I was looking to buy a pair of costume fairy wings for a project I had been working on at the time. In addition to all the other fairy wings Etsy showed me on my search, a pair of fairy wing earrings came up. I instantly fell in love with them and ordered them on the spot. ❤ I got the ones with the rainbow design on them and have worn them to every Pride Day event I’ve gone to since…and a million other times as well. They are my staple Spring and Summer earrings.


Christine puts so much love and attention into her beautiful pieces. I have a total of three different earring sets from her, and they all have such detail and beautiful “ingredients”. From the swirl design on her fairy wing earrings, to the green jewel that crowns the pumpkin earrings I have of hers. Each piece contains a bit of magick and when you wear them you feel the realm of fairy and the sacred all around you.

Autumn is my favorite of all the seasons, and each Autumn is made even more special by the pumpkin and acorn earrings I purchased last year. I always wear them just as long as possible (I’ll wear the pumpkin ones all through Thanksgiving–sometimes a tiny bit after–but the acorn ones I stop wearing shortly after Samhain. Though I can see myself wearing them as early as Midsummer next year).


Whatever piece of hers you get, I promise you will not be disappointed. This Winter I plan to search her shop looking for the perfect pair of Winter themed earrings to complete my seasonal collection (I hadn’t even realized I was making one until I’d already started). If you want to order something for yourself or a loved one to give as a Yule gift the latest you can order from Sihaya Designs and still get it in time is December 17th. But why wait? Check out her get collection of jewelry today, and don’t forget to peruse her recently launched candle line!

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One Response to Etsy Spotlight: Sihaya Designs

  1. CE EC says:

    I love her beautiful creations. Thank you so much for featuring Sihaya Designs. One of my various professions has connected me with jewelry for almost a decade, and yet, for all the wonders I’ve seen, I keep coming back to these collections. They call to me like no others do. I am lucky to have a multitude of faery wing necklaces and some other stunners.


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