Etsy Spotlight: Beth Wodandis Designs

With the holidays coming up I wanted to highlight a few of my favorite Etsy shops. Both to show my appreciation for all of the owners’ efforts and hardwork, but also so other people can appreciate the shinies and find things they too may love. So, every Friday in November there will be a different Etsy Spotlight talking about my favorite Etsy stores.

I’m deterring a little from my format because today is Cyber Monday and I figured spreading the word about awesome Etsy shops on a day when people are already shopping online would be a good thing. 🙂


Etsy Spotlight: Beth Wodandis Designs


I think Beth Wodandis Designs was the very first Etsy shop I ever found. Back then it was known as Sub Rosa Handcrafts or something like that, but the name didn’t matter much to me. I fell in love with the stuff Beth created and her shop has consistently been my favorite to purchase purely spiritual things from, and I’ve gotten quite a few of her pieces over the years. (It doesn’t hurt that we both have a relationship with Odin…and a handful of the other Norse deities as well~)

Beth makes a lot of different things. Candles, incense, fiber arts, jewelry…and they are all magical. I *think* the latest thing I bought from her was a pack of Odin Incense. At the time I was living in a situation where I couldn’t burn incense very often, but now that I have my own place that incense has become part of my weekly ritual for Odin. It has the perfect scent, and smells just like I’d imagine he would. Her blends are beautiful and capture the way you’d expect to feel in a ritual setting quite well. Her candles are quite perfect at this as well, and she’ll even make custom scented candles for you! Just send her a message on Etsy telling her what you want included and she’ll make it for you.


The thing I’ve purchased from her the most though is jewelry. And by jewelry I mean anything from prayer beads to bracelets and necklaces–anything made with beads and pendants, basically. I have several pieces and will likely buy more from her in the future. The first piece I ever bought from her was a bracelet size strand of Odin prayer beads. For awhile I wouldn’t go anywhere without them afterwards, and still to this day I’ll carry them with me from time to time. Though most of the time (unless in use) they adorn my Odin altar. The thing of Beth’s that I never leave the house without is the raven bracelet I got earlier this year. Barely a day passes where I don’t wear it–it’s become my signature piece.


Every time I peruse Beth’s shop I find something else to get excited over. Like her portable shrines, for example. Or her new line of ritual perfumes and colognes. I’m really anxious to try the latter category (I personally prefer to make my own shrines). But I know that when I do get to finally try her line of perfumes I will not be disappointed. Nothing I have purchased from her thus far has disappointed me, and I know if you purchase something from her shop you won’t be disappointed either.

Make sure to order early to make sure you receive your stuff in time if you plan to use it as a holiday gift. And if you hurry, then you can still get in on the last day of her 25% off sale!

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4 Responses to Etsy Spotlight: Beth Wodandis Designs

  1. Beth says:

    Woohoo! Thank you so much for the awesome testimonial, Raven!! ❤


  2. Beth says:

    Reblogged this on Wytch of the North and commented:
    A fabulous shop testimonial from one of my satisfied repeat customers–thank you, Raven!! ❤


  3. Grey Dove says:

    I couldn’t agree more with all you wrote!

    I first found wooden wicks through a set of Beth’s candles! There soft crackling sound lent a wonderful dimension and depth to my ritual, intensifying and enhancing the elements already present, fragrance and warm candle light.

    Her fragrance blends (candles and oils) are simply beautiful! I have one here, one on order, and want More!

    And I really understand about the jewellery, I fell in love with her necklaces and for the first time in years have been spending (more than my budget allows truth be told) on the wonderful pieces she creates. They are aesthetically pleasing, but the significance she and her Partner imbue in them as they select the stone and pendants, the energy Beth imparts as she assembles them, combined with the personal meaning those that speak to me and my Gods and Goddesses have makes them much more than an ornament or piece of jewellery! Each one has profound symbolic meaning and the ability to empower, comfort and sustain as I wear it. I have some on layaway (a Wonderful service I bless her for offering) and truthfully want more! 2015 was immeasurably enriched with my discovery of Beth’s shop!


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