November Recap

It’s officially December–my birthday month, and the month in which the days will finally start getting longer again! I am not a Winter girl (hate cold weather) so am quite delighted that even on December 1st I can step outside without my heaviest coat, and it’s still warm enough out for the precipitation to be rain and not snow. This makes me hopeful for a mild and swift Winter. I’m crossing my fingers anyway!

Since November has ended, I figured doing a review of how November went for me. I had a ton of a stuff that I wanted to accomplish that month and I figured talking about what did or didn’t happen/work would be good for me.

I’ll start with NaNoWriMo.

When November began I wanted–or, rather, part of me wanted–to participate in this month long writing challenge. I’ve done it for the past eight or so years and not doing it just felt wrong to me in some ways. So I set up my NaNo account and tried to settle on which project to work on. Only…I couldn’t. Because the only story that kept pulling at me was my Selkie story which had already been (mostly) written and just needed another few rounds of edits. Every time I sat down to write anything new, it didn’t work. My brain wouldn’t focus on any new story. Eventually I gave in and admitted that NaNoWriMo just wasn’t going to happen this year. I gave myself permission to focus solely on my selkie story, which proved good as it allowed me to do some edits. The story isn’t anywhere near completely finisihed or ready to be let out into the world, but it’s a lot closer. That makes me really happy.

As for the Instagram photo challenge I was doing? I managed to complete that! There were a few days where I got behind for whatever reason, but I always managed to catch up in the end. It was a lot of fun and it’s made me want to create my own photo challenge. Tammy Strobel has a photo series that she does everyday called My Morning View and she’s been a huge inspiration to me for awhile. I’ve been trying to think of some kind of photo challenge to do daily, but so far haven’t come up with anything. (If you’d like to see my photos from the challenge check out my Instagram~)

The final thing I had set for myself for the month of November is a 30 Day Journaling challenge. Journaling was always such a huge part of my life and it’s what initally got me into writing. One day I was sitting at home, thinking about my sexuality and wishing to every publishing god there ever was that there were lesbian books in existence (I came from a very sheltered home. Sexuality wasn’t ever something to be talked about. At this point, I, obviously, hadn’t discovered any of the lesbian books on the market). I grabbed my journal at the time and a pink pen and sat down to write a lesbian story. (Fun fact: because I wrote this first story in pink pen, I typically write all my lesbian stories in pink pen~) Since moving here though I had been journaling less and less due to having a million other responsibilites. I’d missed it though…a lot. So I set myself a challenge to get back to doing it regularly. For the most part, it worked. It feels wrong for me to go a day without journaling now. I did give myself permission to miss one or two days if necessary because let’s face, life will prevent things occasionally, and migraines don’t let you focus on anything. But other than that, I succeeded in this challege as well!

In the final days of November I was able to jot down some notes for a new story. Two new stories, actually, and I find myself incredibly excited to work on one! I’m not in any way giving up editing my selkie story (whcih still does not have a title. Perhaps that will be this month’s goal), but it does feel good to be ready and excited to write new words again. Writing the first rough draft is my favorite part of writing. It’s the part where I can just sit down at my keyboard with music and coffee and just get lost in the world I’m creating. ❀

In the coming weeks I’ll share snippets of my selkie story–and I’ll definitely post about it when I finally get a good title. Titles are the hardest thing in the world for me so it may be awhile before I get that. But who knows? Maybe it’ll come sooner than I think it will!

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