My 33rd Birthday; Or, Life Is A Journey

Today was my 33rd birthday. I don’t feel any older. Don’t consider myself that much wiser. I’m not suddenly enlightened now that I’m another year older. I’m still figuring stuff out and learning who I am, especially inside of being a couple while still trying to retain who I am as a person. It’s a journey. But that’s just life, right? Life is one big, long, never ending journey. Each day that I get to wake up and experience another sunrise I’m excited to see what happens…even if it holds a migraine now and again, or a trip down the rabbit hole of not-so-good feelings. Today didn’t hold either of those, though. Today was a very good day. I have a lot to post about. A lot happened in the span of two days ago and today. I need to make a spiritual post about a lot of stuff, and going forward I’m going to be going down a very exciting path that I’ve been wanting to explore for (honestly) years, and now have the space and (a little) of the equipment to do so. ❤

So, what all did today entail? I thought I’d show you!


My mom sent me a bunch of stuff earlier in the week. Three different crystals (orange calcite–pictured above, obsidian, and tree agate), a necklace, the latest edition of my favorite magazine (SageWoman), and a set of three bracelets made of precious stones (amethyst, flourite, and…I’m not sure what the third one is). My mom always gets me good stuff, and this year I was pleasantly surprised that she got me Pagan things! She’s…not that “hip” on Paganism or anything tied to it. So for her to actually buy SageWoman or something with a Buddha head on it (one of the bracelets had a Buddha head) is really shocking to me, but very much a welcome thing!


In addition to a waterproof speaker for the shower, and a high powered battery pack for my phone, my awesome boyfriend got me an essential oil starter kit! This wasn’t even something I had asked for. But he went out on a limb knowing how much I like smell good things (I always have a candle burning or incense, and I never go a day without wearing perfume oils!) he got me this kit thinking I could use it to make my own perfumes. And he’s absolutely right! I might have to pick Naomi‘s brain for tips and such about getting started. But I’m very excited about this. I’ve been wanting to study aromatherapy for a few years, but because of various living situations (and/or finances) I hadn’t been able to. I love that he took a chance on this and got it for me. It’s really such a perfect thing!


The only sucky part about today was that I had to work a little bit. It was just a short four hour shift, so I didn’t mind. I especially didn’t mind when I learned that my best friend was staying to make up some time she had missed earlier in the week and I’d get the chance to work with her! Having her on staff tonight completed the Three Musketeers (Victoria, me, and another of our coworkers, Kevin) which made the night really great. I knew they were up to something though when they quickly walked out of the vet office together without saying anything or even looking at me! They were gone for about ten minutes, but then came back carrying the balloon (above), and the cake (below) and they somehow had managed to coordinate with the veterinarians in the back exactly when to come up front and start singing Happy Birthday just as Victoria and Kevin walked back in with stuff! I must have turned beat red. I can’t imagine a scenario in which I wouldn’t. I really can’t. They were really sweet, and I tried not to hide too much (I actually hate being the center of attention like that).


We all enjoyed cake after that. Kevin (the third musketeer) picked out the cake and did a fantastic job, if I do say so myself. He got a “neapolitan” cake. Yellow cake with strawberry in the icing and then layers in the cake of vanilla and chocolate! I adore anything strawberry, and who can go wrong with chocolate anything? Needless to say I loved it very much!

Before I could leave to go home though, I received another delivery. This time of flowers from a very dear friend (who apparently coordinated with Victoria to figure out when I was going to be at work and what florists were close by. This dear friend is in another country, so I definitely understand the need for local eyes :P). Anyway, she had gotten wind that I’d never received flowers from anyone but my mom and wanted to change that. Just because she’s awesomely sweet and just wants to see people smile. Among other reasons which aren’t lost on me, but will not be mentioned here 😛 The arrangement is absolutely stunning and is now sitting on my make-shift altar in the living room (where I am typing this). More on the reason for that make-shift altar in another post though!


The night ended as my boyfriend and I went out for a very simple, but delicious dinner at a place that is kind of sentimental to me–Taco Bell. Yes, you read right. I chose to have my birthday dinner at Taco Bell. I had been craving it for weeks, and it was the first place Ang and I ever ate out at together. ❤ Since we don’t eat out much because we’re trying to be very frugal with money, this seemed like the perfect time to satisfy a craving and yet do something sentimental at the same time. 🙂

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