Metroid Fusion: Where Raven Talks Feminism

I didn’t post about this yet and I’m not sure why, but the first play through I’m consistently in went live last week!! I’m ridiculously happy about this. Both about the playthrough being live (omg I’m on Youtube! I’ve wanted to be on Youtube for a few years now. This is so amazing!) and about the game I’m playing. It’s Metroid Fusion. I’d never played any Metroid before, but had heard so much about Samus Aran from several different sources. I love playing Smash Bros (though I’m a Bowser Junior player) so have encountered both Samus and Zero Suit Samus there, but I’m also a feminist and if you follow any news in that circle then you’ll remember the controversy that surrounded Samus not that long ago. And if you don’t remember (or perhaps you do and just want to talk about it), it’s explained in our latest video. Because what does a feminist talk about while playing a strong female character? Exactly.

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