Chasing Pictures

Driving East is one of my favorite things to do. It means I get to see the beautiful New York skyline on my horizon. I’ve seen it at many points during the day–noon, sunrise,midnight–and like most people said that my favorite time of day to see it was when the sky is black and the building lights twinkle like glitter. However, I had never seen the skyline at dusk.

Yesterday while I was driving home I saw the sun descending in the sky, reaching her last beams of light out over the Hudson to land on the buildings in NYC. It was the most beautiful, magical sight I’d ever seen. The way the buildings were illuminated against the darkening cobalt sky made them look like they were shining. I wished so much that I’d been down at the waterfront so I’d be in range to actually take a picture. But instead I was stuck on the highway and though I tried to get there to get my desired shot I was too late. That liminal time is so fleeting that if you aren’t right there to capture it you’ll miss it.

I guess that’s a lesson all photographers eventually learn: to always have your camera at the ready. For me it was less that and more just needing to be in a better spot. All I would have gotten in my photograph is a line of cars and some exit signs.

Oh well. Now I have a photography goal. A second one actually as I’d come up with a photography project for myself the other day (I’ll talk more about that in another post). I want to snap a picture of the setting sun hitting the NYC skyline. I’ll post it when I get it. ❤


Photo taken last year~

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