Candle making!

Today Ang and I made candles! He had gotten me a candle making set for Yule and some essential oils for my birthday. I’ve used them to make my own soap, and have started reading a book about the best ways to use essential oils, how to combine them, and other such useful tidbits and I’m really, really excited about all of this. I adore scents and have had an interest in aromatherapy for several years now. Having my environment smell good is so highly important to me. Scents can set the mood for ritual, or writing, or just when you want to relax. Having the supplies and space and freedom to make my own smell good things is really perfect and I can see all of this becoming a huge part of my spiritual path.

One thing I didn’t realize about candle making: how simple it actually is! I thought it would be this really in depth, all day process. But in reality (aside from allowing the candle time to cool) this probably took us an hour–and that includes clean up time! Granted we only made two candles (the second one being a happy accident), and only used one scent (lemon-lavender), but still. For our first time doing this everything went really smoothly. I kind of took our only wooden spoon and dubbed it as a candle making only implement so now I need to get us an actual wooden spoon for cooking purposes, but still. I’m so excited about this and what all this could mean for me and my spiritual path going forward! I’m already getting ideas for other candles (specific scents that is). I’m hoping that maybe I can make my own Imbolc candles as well! Would just need to figure out what scent I would want and then make sure I have enough wicks/holders.


Since I’m venturing into a wonderful wide world of making my own soaps, perfumes, candles, and other smell good things I decided to set up a table that was specifically meant to house those tools and implements. Most of the tools are located underneath it, but I loved the way the top looked that I had to show off a picture of it. ❤


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One Response to Candle making!

  1. Congratulations and I hope you enjoy!

    To help you on your journey (learning and shopping for supplies) may I recommend, and MMS (The Majestic Mountain Sage, think they are at but I’m not positive) as two Invaluable resources to any soap or candle maker!

    Bramble Berry has an outstanding blog packed with tutorials, recipes, information, and videos. They also answer questions and comments and have a simply fantastic customer service team. Both stock an excellent selection of products. MMS has a wonderful soap calculator (I don’t know if you are making melt and pour or CP soap), and their blog also has lots of terrific and helpful information. They don’t do as well responding to comments left on their blog but respond with help and charm when written to directly, and even offer lessons and consultations if you are really in need of explanations. Both have a Wide selection of well priced essential and fragrance oils.

    Best of luck!
    Bright Blessings,
    Grey Dove


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