A Day In The Park

I woke up today in a bit of a funk. I wasn’t depressed. I wasn’t happy. I was just…meh. Every now and then that happens, and I don’t know why. If I let myself just sit and stew in the meh-ness then it can very easily turn into depression and my day winds up spent laying on the couch or bed staring at the wall not caring to do anything else. I’m not exxagerating this. I’ve literally had days like that. It sucks šŸ˜¦

Today though, I decided my day was NOT going to be that way! I made myself get into a nice hot shower–complete with candle light and the best music. I grabbed my favorite sweatshirt and, armed with the promise of a caramel iced latte from Dunkin Donuts, I headed out the door. I had typical errands to do and a coffee to get and nothing–not even the frozen weather–was going to stop me. (I despise cold weather. Why I live in the Northeast is beyond me. Oh, wait, it’s because I love Angelo so much. <3) While I was out I got the strangest urge to visit one of the parks near my house. Not just any park, but a very specific one. It was completely out of my way, and I really just wanted to get my stuff done. But if there’s one thing I’m trying to teaching myself it’s to listen to my intuition and instincts more. So, I drove to the park, found a spot to park my car, and got out to wander around.

Nature always helps me feel better, and hearing birdsong even in the dead of Winter was an instant mood booster. Most of the trees were bereft of leaves, but sparrows hopped along their branches anyway. Having no leaves made it much easier to see them and the squirrels! The squirrels were out in hoards today–every time I turned around there was one. I was standing next to a cement wall that was not even waist high. A squirrel was scampering along it and heading straight toward me. Closer and closer he crept, and didn’t seem at all afraid. I just stood there watching him, wondering how close he’d actually come and if he’d let me take his picture. The moment I moved to grab my phone he turned and fled šŸ˜›

But though he trotted off, there were still plenty of other squirrles. Like this little guy that was in the tree and didn’t mind being photographed or me standing right beneath him! I was really, really excited to get these shots–I’ve never been able to get close up shots like this of wildlife because most of them flee before I got close enough. I guess that’s a perk of city living? That the wildlife is so used to humans being around that they aren’t as afraid of us the way more “feral” wildlife is. Anyway, I got these shots, and they made me so happy that I almost decided to skip the latte. Almost šŸ˜‰


I love how s/he’s looking right at me~!


Probably my favorite shot of the day ā¤

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