FREE Lesbian YA Short Story: Perfectly Everything

Perfectly Everything

by: Raven Rose

I had come home to visit my family for Thanksgiving, but what I was really looking forward to was seeing her again. We had been together all through high school, and after graduation we had made the pledge to stay true to each other even though we were going away to different colleges. Everyday I wrote her an email, and every night she called me before bed. It wasn’t the same, but we were making it work.

Not being able to sit across from her and see the dimple in her cheek as she giggled at something I said; or lean over and kiss her cheek at any random moment; not being able to reach out and touch her, to hold her hand or hug her…it was heartbreaking. She was my high school sweetheart, the love of my life, my soulmate. I never wanted to be without her. Yet, here we were, miles apart.

The moment my plane landed I called her and we made plans to get together. We would meet the next day in our favorite park, in our special place, for a picnic lunch. The autumn breeze blew lightly around us as we sat down and filled each other in on the latest happenings in our lives, crimson and golden leaves waving hello to us as we ate beneath the trees.

“I never want to lose you,” she said after we’d eaten our lunches and laid down. Our fingers twined together as we lay on the blanket enjoying the late Autumn day.

I sat up and turned to her, looking down into her deep brown eyes. “You won’t. We promised, remember?” I tucked a stray piece of blond hair behind her ear.

She rose, faced me and took my hands in hers. Her eyes seemed to be searching mine for…something. When she spoke, her voice was soft and gentle. “You are everything I ever dreamed of.” She paused for a moment, feathered her thumb over the back of my hand and kept her eyes locked with mine. She took a deep breath. “I know we’re young, but I know I want you forever. Marry me?”

I was so stunned I couldn’t speak. I’m not sure I remembered to breathe. For a moment, as what she said sank in, I was frozen. I was so stunned that words would not form. The only thing I could do was throw my arms around her, pull her in tight to me and whisper one single word in her ear. “Yes,” I said as I buried my face in her hair, the scent of vanilla and cherry enveloping me the way her arms did as we held each other tight.

When we pulled back there were tears in both of our eyes, and we sealed our promise of marriage with a kiss. “Sorry this is all I have,” she said through her happy tears as she slid her high school ring on my finger. “I hadn’t planned to ask until Christmas and your ring hasn’t come in yet.”

I shook my head and held out my hand to admire how her ring looked on my finger. The pink stone twinkled in the sunlight, my heart swelled with love. “This is perfect,” I said, wiping a few tears from my cheek.  We leaned in for a soft, slow kiss. This moment was perfect and now I had even more to be grateful for this Thanksgiving.

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