FREE Lesbian YA Short Story: The Truth

The Truth

by: Raven Rose

Tonight. It had to be tonight.

Isabella took a deep breath and looked up at the moon. The thick branches of the trees couldn’t block out it’s bright glow. A slight breeze rustled her fur as she waited for her lover to arrive.

They’d had an arrangement–a friend’s with benefits sort of thing–but tonight she was determined to tell Kayla of the way she loved her. It was forbidden because of who and what they were for them to even speak. But speak they did, and now Kayla wasn’t just her friend, but the one she loved above all else. Despite all their adventures together, Kayla had never noticed the way Isabella looked at her. Or if she had, she had never said anything.

Isabella sat poised, waiting in the brush. Off in the distance a twig snapped and her ears perked up. The sweet scent of Roses, Kayla’s signature scent, wafted through the air. Even in her wolfish form, Isabella smiled. A moment later Kayla appeared. Isabella stood, tail wagging, and bounded towards her.

“Sorry I’m late,” Kayla said with a sheepish grin. She set down the pack she’d been carrying and pulled out a blanket. She could be as wild as Isabella, but Kayla had a distaste for laying on the forest floor. She much preferred to lay on a soft blanket. It was brown and green, the same colors as the forest, but there were no thorns or sharp branches in it. Kayla sat down in the center of the blanket and waited. Isabella stepped back and closed her eyes, her body beginning to contort and crack as her fur pulled in and was replaced with human skin. As Kayla watched, Isabella lost every vestige of her wolf form and became a beautiful human girl. The only way anyone could tell she was any different, was from the bright amber eyes that seemed to drink in every inch of Kayla.

“It’s ok,” Isabella said, taking a step toward Kayla. “It gave me a moment to think.”

“Think about what?”

Isabella bit her bottom lip “you, me…us.”

Kayla’s heart hammered in her chest. “Is something wrong?”

Isabella could only smile. Leave it to Kayla to think something was wrong. The only thing wrong was that Kayla didn’t know the truth. Isabella shook her head, her chestnut hair falling around her shoulders.. “No, I just…there’s something I’d like to tell you.”

Kayla’s green eyes watched Isabella’s every move. “Okay?”

All the birdsong never stopped, but Isabella’s own hammering heart drowned out their chatter. She had waited for this moment all day, and now when it had finally arrived, she found she was speechless. How do you convey to the one you love all you feel? The words didn’t seem to do it justice to Isabella. She licked her lips quickly, reached a hand up to caress Kayla’s cheek and brush a few strands of hair back away from her eyes with the other. Isabella did the only thing she could think to do. She kissed Kayla.

She kissed her with tenderness, her lips moving over Kayla’s in the most gentle of caresses, coaxing the other girl to part them so Isabella could swipe her tongue in to dance with Kayla’s.

Kayla obliged and the moment she did, she gasped. Isabella licked over the inside of her mouth, caressing and exploring every inch of it, her lips satin as they moved over hers. It was as if Isabella couldn’t get enough of her, yet she didn’t make any move to do anything aside from kiss her.

Isabella gentled her kiss, slowing down her movements, and slowly pulling away. Her heart was beating fast and there and was no doubt in her mind that Kayla had gotten the message.

When Isabella stepped back, Kayla still had her eyes closed and her breathing was heavy, her chest rising and falling rapidly.

“Why have you never told me?” Kayla said, her eyes still closed.

Isabella kicked the leaves at her feet, swirling them in a circle. “I was afraid I guess,” she said in a small voice. Isabella hated making herself so vulnerable, opening herself up. But she had to tell Kayla. She couldn’t keep going on doing what they were doing without the other girl knowing the truth.

A small smile stretched across Kayla’s face. She walked towards Isabella, placed her hand beneath the girl’s chin and raised it so that their eyes met. “But I love you, too.”

A heart beat. Two. For a moment Isabella found herself speechless again. She tried to form words, but they wouldn’t come. “You…you do?”

Kayla only nodded, smiling. She kissed her then, her hands trailing over Isabella’s nude form. And there in the forest, on the softest of blankets, they proceeded to do their usual activities. But this time, it held a lot more meaning.

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