So Many Goals, So Little Time

So, we’re almost a month into the new year, and I’m just now making this post. 😛 But it’s better late than never, right? Several years ago I realized I work much better and am way more productive when I have clearly set goals for myself. Not necessarily deadlines, but goals. Something concrete that I can achieve and work toward. I didn’t make resolutions this year–I stopped doing that several years ago for several reasons. However, about midway through January I decided that I did want some actual goals to work towards as there is so much I want to accomplish. I thought it would be best to share them here, both so that you guys can know what I’m going to be working on this year and so that I can be held accountable (I can set personal deadlines, but I’m terrible at holding myself to them).

In Literature
Release two books. I have so many books in the works, and I want to share them all with you. Last year I had set myself deadlines of releasing a new book on nearly every sabbat, and it wound up paralyzing me because of how overwhelmed I felt with having so much to do. This year, I’m not setting myself specific deadlines for release–simply that they must be released. One of the books I want to finally get out is my Selkie story. I’m hoping to have that out early this year. The other book I’m leaving open as I have so many in the works. I want to let my muse take me to whichever one it feels I should work on next.

Read 50 books. On Goodreads I put my count as 30 because I sometimes forget to log which books I’ve read and such, so I’m giving myself a little wiggle room over there. But my goal is about a book a week. I’ve given myself two weeks off basically as there are some weeks that I know my dayjob and petsitting will make it too crazy to read an entire book in one week (especially because I love long books like Game of Thrones).

Continue the story I started over on my deviantArt. I’m hoping to have the next installment of that up in the next couple weeks.

Put out a few more free stories.

In Photography
–I’ve come up with a project that requires 13 GOOD pictures. I’m not ready to talk about that project just yet, but I want to accomplish it and have it done by Samhain (Halloween).

–I want to submit a few pictures to photography contests. They abound far and wide. I found one last year that I wanted to submit to and then chickened out. I want to submit to at least two different contests. Given the previous goal, and the fact that there are so many contests, there is no reason why I can’t do this.

Develop a stage personality. Those of you who have watched my Metroid play through can probably tell that this is my first time “on camera” or doing any kind of stand up comedy type thing. I took some drama classes in high school, but they were mainly about building stage props and correctly applying stage make up. So this is very new to me. I’m having a lot of fun with it, but I definitely need to get better on camera.

In Witchery
Do a tarot walk through. The way I originally learned the meanings of the different tarot cards was by going through the deck from start to finish, in order, doing a card a day and journaling about it. This was several years ago and soon after I did that I took up Runes and have been working with them ever since. However, I’ve felt myself drawn back to the cards lately, and for my birthday/Yule a good friend gifted me a mini tarot deck. It felt like a sign. So I want to use that deck and do another walk through to reacquaint myself with the cards. When I do this I’ll share a picture of the card and a short description of the meaning over on my Instagram.

–Figure out how to grow my own herbs despite living in a second story apartment with no yard or window boxes. I’m going to have to get creative as herbs generally like a lot of sun, but I think I can manage to pull something off. Even if I just have 2-3 I’ll be able. (I’m going to go ahead and say that the green onions and aloe that I’m growing now don’t count. I want these herbs to be in addition to those!)

I have a few other life goals, but they are more personal and not really relevant to my career(s), so I’ve written those down elsewhere. 🙂

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