Crystals For Creativity

I wrote this post a few years ago, but I wanted to port it over here. I made a few adjustments and additions as well. I may make other posts in this vein (sort of a “Crystals For” series) in the future. They are a big part of my life, and I admit I like writing about them. ❤


I’ve been obsessed with rocks and gems and crystals since I was a little kid. Whenever my family would go down to Nashville, IN I always had to go in this one little shoppe that had a turnstyle of various gems. There were at least three dozen kind and I was fascinated with them all, wanted to own one of each kind. (Except fool’s gold–I was never interested in that.) As I grew up this love of crystals never went away, and when I came to Paganism I was delighted to see that working with crystals was as common as admiring the green leaves on Summer trees. I’d been collecting crystals since I was a kid, and I began researching them and what they could help me with almost immediately.

As a Pagan, I was most interested in the stones that could help me with connecting more to my deities, or get better at meditation (a thing I still struggle with). As a writer, though, I wanted to know which crystals could help me create and develop my stories. I was thrilled that my favorites fell into one of these categories or the other.

Citrine Cluster

Citrine Cluster

If you’re an artist, a storyteller, a photographer, an actor/actress, or anyone that does anything creative, then you could probably benefit from these stones.

Citrine–An amazing crystal for creativity. It stimulates as well an energizes. Be sure to keep this beauty out of the sun, as sunlight will fade it’s color away.

Amethyst–This crystal’s key word is “focus”. It’ll help you quiet your mind and focus on whatever project you’re working on at the time. Keep this one out of sunlight as well.

Ametrine–Citrine and Amethyst combined! Together they are one of the best crystals to have around your work station. It combines the energizing and inspirational aspects of Citrine with Amethyst’s focus. This is a great stone if you’re looking to get things done. Like the above two, keep this out of sunlight.

Amber–This is not actually a stone, but instead it’s fossilized resin from trees. Regardless, it’s one of my faaaavorite stones of all time (that’s one reason I wear earrings of Amber at all times) and is wonderful for stimulating creativity.

Jade–This is a stone that I’ve only recently begun working with. With me it has a calming effect yet helps me flesh out my stories. It seems to bring hidden knowledge to light (similar to what a Tiger’s Eye or Agate would do, just with stories). If there’s something about a story that I don’t know, but should, Jade helps me find it.

Rose Quartz--This crystal doesn’t necessarily help with inspiration, but I include it here because it does an important thing. Rose Quartz is all about love–loving others and loving yourself. Loving yourself is a key component in your abilities. You have to have some self confidence/belief in order to use them to create things and share them with the world.

Surround yourself with all or one of these crystals and you won’t be help to help the creativity energy that begins to flow through you. If you’re stuck or experiencing creator’s block (like writer’s block, but any artist can experience a blockage), pick one and carry it with you at all times. If I had to recommend one for this purpose, it would Citrine hands down.

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