And Two Vehicles Collided

This morning I was in a car crash. It happened like this:

I went out to move Angelo and I’s car for street cleaning this morning. I started the car and backed up enough so I could turn and not hit the car in front of me when pulling out into traffic, but hadn’t pulled forward yet actually out of the spot. However, the car was angled in such a way that it was clear I intended to pull out. The traffic along our street was stopped because of a red traffic light, but when the light changed the cars naturally started to move. The truck (that was at the time behind me) hadn’t begun to move, so I thought he’d seen me and was being nice and I started to pull out. I wasn’t even fully out of the parking spot yet when the GARBAGE TRUCK moved forward and careened right into the driver’s side door. The window shattered inward blowing glass all into the car, but I managed to get out with only tiny cuts. For a few minutes I was stuck between this truck (who btw left his truck running even though paramedics and the street cleaning lady were trying to talk to me and it was very clear I couldn’t hear them because his fucking engine was running right in my ear) and a parked car, but I was completely unharmed save for the very minor cuts which you can’t even see if you didn’t already know they were there.

Police came and made a report. We filed an insurance claim. The car door has already been replaced.

I’d pushed everything aside in order to Get Shit Done, but once our car had a new door and I was able to drive it home I started to relax (amazingly I’m not scared of driving at all after this. Hell, within 3 hours of the collision I was driving it down the highway to the repair shop) and the soreness began to set in. I’m sure tomorrow I’m going to be incredibly sore.

Tonight after the responsible shit had been handled friends came over to our house to take our minds off things. Adam even canceled his typical Tuesday night stream to come hang. I felt a little guilty about him doing that, but it meant a lot to me and I’m grateful to everyone who came over or sent me messages and tweets of well wishes.

I’m hoping tomorrow I can get back to normal life. For now, I’m going to do a tiny bit of reading before I pass out. (If you are interested, there are a few pictures on my Facebook.)

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