April Updates

So, April has kind of been shit so far.

Friday night I walked out to our car from work to find it had a flat tire. This was 11pm…when NOTHING was open. So I had no choice but to let the car sit until the next day. That same night, a dear friend gifted me with a AAA membership because she knows funds are tight for me and she wanted me to be safe. ā¤ So, after working 11 hours the next day, I called AAA to have it towed to a repair shop. They fixed, added some brake fluid to the engine as I was low, and I drove to Starbucks to get me and my partner a treat after a long and trying day.

The next day I get up to go do errands and…FOUND THE SAME TIME WAS FLAT AGAIN. Needless to say, I was furious. To make matters worse, the repair shop was closed because it was Sunday. So, again, the car had to sit overnight. Which brings us to now. I just got back from the repair shop where they fixed the tire AGAIN. (Supposedly there was a nail in the tire they had put on our car. So it goes with getting a used tire I guess. But it was still monstrously frustrating.) I double checked that the tire hadn’t deflated any in the time it took me to drive home before coming upstairs and finally eating something for breakfalunch.

Because my head has been dealing with this, I’ve slipped so much on the poetry writing. I haven’t been in any frame of mind to rhyme or even create a rhythm. Meaning, I’ve written zero poems and it’s the 4th. Sigh. I initially put in the stipulation that I had to stay ON TRACK and NOT FALL BEHIND if I was going to get myself a reward. But with how April has been thus far, I’m retracting that stipulation and instead saying that, if I can manage to get all 30 poems written, then I will get the print I want. Hopefully my downtime tonight at work can be spent getting caught up on the poetry.

That’s not to say that I haven’t done any writing. I have managed to input my (handwritten) edits into my virtual copy of my Selkie Story and print out a fresh version. So I have made some progress on that! Still no progress on a title though šŸ˜› Hopefully soon.

The car issue also caused me to miss a day of the Journey Through The Tarot that I’m doing on my Instagram, though that’s not something I’m all that worried about. Because that is a multi-month thing I knew there would be days in that I would miss. I’m being lenient with myself there (and trying to limit myself severely in how many days I do miss). My goal is still every damn day though. Which reminds me. I should get on doing today’s card…

Also, since this post is full of April updates, I thought I’d point out that my youtube channel posted it’s April update!

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