May Update!

Happy May!

Yesterday I gave my blog a make over. I’m really, really happy with how it turned out. I’d been wanting something “lighter” since Winter has gone and Spring has sprung. I’ve had a blog for years and it’s always been a trend of mine to change the look of it with the seasons (or at the very least when the weather goes from cold to warm and vice/versa). I think this look is very Summery and it pleases me greatly. ā¤

Things have been…interesting lately. I’ve had some personal stuff going on last week that knocked me for a loop, and the constant migraine I had really didn’t help me at all. So, I’ve gotten behind on a lot of things. Today is sort of my catch up day, so I thought what better way to start a catch up day than to blog about some things I’ve been doing and thinking?

My main focus has been working on my WIP, which I’ve temporarily titled The Selkie. I’ve gotten a lot of edits done, but I’m having a slight issue. The ending is eluding me. I haven’t been able to write an ending to this story…ever. I get to this point in the story where Arabella and Sadie know what they need to do, but how they go about it is what escapes me. Anything I’ve come up with is just so uninteresting that I can’t write it. If it’s boring to me, the writer, then nobody else would enjoy reading it. So my main goal there has been trying to figure out exactly how this story is supposed to end, what my characters want from it. Writer’s block really sucks, but I’m trying to power through it. I love this story and these characters and really want to finish this book. We’ll see what happens.

My other writing project this past month was a poem a day to celebrate National Poetry Month. That…didin’t happen. Not even close. For several reasons. I did manage to get some written, and I’ve sort of laid a plan for what to do with them. I want to write my own book of poetry. It was a teenage dream that I had when I first started taking writing seriously, and I think it’s time I actually give myself that. I don’t know that I’ll do anything with the book (if I’ll release it or not), but I atleast want to have it completed as a personal goal finally met and achieved.

I’ve also still been doing my Journey Through The Tarot over on my Instagram. I’m really enjoying it and it’s allowing me to get reacquainted with the cards again. Today’s card is The Hanged Man, a card that forever reminds me of Odin.

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