Writing Retreat?

I have every urge to pack up my things and go write at Starbucks today. I have so much writing work I need to catch up on, and holing up at a coffee shop seems like a good answer to everything. Especially since Angelo (my boyfriend) is tired as he hasn’t been sleeping well and needs the bedroom to nap and catch up on rest. During the day I typically write and work in our bedroom where I can be next to open windows and my bookshelf/altar. It looks out over onto our neighbors back yard (we only have a fire escape) and so it allows me to see greenery, squirrels, and the occasional stray cat. I like it. It’s nice. And it also allows us to both have our own work space which is really good for two writers. We need our space.

Between needing to make yet more revisions on The Selkie, needing to figure out an ending for it (I really need to get all my writer friends in one room and have a pow wow with them), wanting to map out more of my Poetry Project (as yet unnamed and not mentioned in detailed) having a day at a coffee shop to just Get Shit Done would be really good. I also need to work on writing down Sadie and Arabella’s character profiles. Thus far they have just existed in my head despite the two having been characters for years now, and I think writing down tiny details (or, rather, seemingly tiny details) would be good. Especially since they are series characters. Having all of that information in one central place that is easy to reference would be really good and helpful.

Initially, I wanted to turn today into a sort of a writer’s retreat. But I’m not entirely sure if that can happen. It’s already almost noon and I haven’t even showered yet. Not to mention there are things around the house and errands that I should do and not put off. Though I suppose some of them can wait one day to allow me to have a sort of writing retreat day. Maybe. Surely. I think I will give this a try.

I don’t remember exactly what it was that I read the other day, but I saw something about a lesbian book or lesbian movie and it kind of reignited this fire in me. I’ve been so solemn for so long. The past few months have been really hard and it’s taken a great toll on my creativity. I’ve been writing way less and not even editing as much. I seemed to have lost all drive for much of anything except maybe Hearthstone and Game Of Thrones. But I feel like maybe, just maybe, I’m starting to regain some of that. And I really want to nurture it. I want to encourage it to grow and not ignore it. I think that’s when I initially came up with the idea of making today a Writer’s Retreat of sorts. A sort of affirmation of “yes, this is what I want and want to work for”. So, maybe I will do this thing, even if it sometimes feels weird. After all, we writer’s always feel like there is something else we should be doing, right? πŸ˜‰

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