Journey Through The Tarot: The Star


You all probably have seen that I’ve been doing a Journey Through The Tarot over on my Instagram (and if you haven’t, follow me and follow along!). I’m having a lot of fun with it and it’s really re-introducing me to the cards, which is what this entire project was supposed to be about anyway. So I’m very happy with how it’s turning out (though I would like to actually post EVERYDAY not every other :P).

Having said that, today’s card was one of my favorites. The Star. I didn’t really realize how important this card was to me until today when I saw it come up in my deck. I’ve always been familiar with it, it’s always stood out to me because it has beautiful imagery and color. But if I ever had to name a favorite card, this wasn’t the one I would name. Until now.

Like all cards, there is much to be said about The Star. Books have been written at length and ad nauseum about tarot cards and their various meanings and artistic imagery. I don’t have near enough time or space to go in depth into the meaning of any of the cards (nor do I have the deeper understanding yet that would be required to do so). But instead of just making the daily post on Instagram, I wanted to make an actual blog post about The Star because it did stand out so much to me today.

To me, The Star symbolizes your North Star. Note that I didn’t say the North Star. I said your North Star, as in your own personal guiding light, that thing that you gravitate to time and time again, the thing that mesmerizes you and holds you captive because you’re so engulfed in it that you don’t even want to get out. That’s what The Star represents to me–finding your North Star, or if you already know what it is, listening to it and letting it guide you. It isn’t always easy to do this because of the demands that the world and society make on us–we’re often told to put creative dreams last and just work those corporate jobs to buy a house with a white picket fence. But (save for a handful of people) those corporate jobs aren’t really our guiding lights. They may put food on the table, and ensure that we have a table, but they likely aren’t soul satisfying. Every single time this card has come up in a reading for me it’s because I needed to be reminded to find my North Star, to reacquaint myself with it and honor it.

There are several other meanings to this card as well. In short, they are hope for the future–that there is a light shining for you even if it’s small right now. Inspiration, whethere divinely given or not. It’s that beacon in the dark, the lighthouse on an otherwise dark ocean. Kind of the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel.

The website for the Shadowscapes Tarot cards (the deck I’m using to go through this Journey) also mentions that this card can represent sharing and generosity, as well as renewal. The renewal part my brain sort of groks, though I don’t have the ability to explain it in words quite yet. But I’m having trouble connecting all of this to the sharing and generosity part. Perhaps sharing the hope? Sharing inspiration? I don’t know. Further thought and meditation need to be done on this particular aspect. (Sounds like something to work into my Full Moon ritual next week!)

I’m curious: what does The Star mean to you? Do you have a favorite tarot card? If so what is it and why? πŸ™‚

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