I got a break through on The Selkie!! I had come across something on Facebook that talked about how important knowing your antagonist is. Murtagh is the antagonist of The Selkie, but I hadn’t bothered to flesh him out. It should have been something that was obvious for me to do, and I would have eventually gotten to it (I’d like to think). But the little graphic on Facebook stuck with me and as I did errands that day all I could think about was “why does Murtagh do this? Why won’t he let her go?” It didn’t come to right at first–I had to sit down at my computer and kind of free think “out loud” before I figured it out. Once I had, I sat down and wrote the ending! There is still a bit of “middle” that needs to be written to join together what I had and what I just produced, but there has been progress and I am, thankfully, no longer blocked! I am so fucking happy about this. So incredibly happy.

Originally I had thought about trying to release The Selkie towards the end of June as a sort of celebration of Pride month and such, but…as much as getting unblocked helped, I don’t think I can edit it well enough in that short amount of time (plus write the blurb and create a cover–I create all my covers!) to have it ready to go. But maaaaaaaaaybe. If not at the end of June, that perhaps sometime at the beginning of July. I’ll keep you posted. ❤


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