June Update!

Welcome to June! I was saying on Twitter the other day that I think June is probably my third favorite month of the year (the other two being September and October)—it’s Pride month, everything is abundantly green and the flowers are in full bloom and it’s hot out, AND it has Midsummer/Litha!! If you can’t tell, I’m a total Summer girl (despite being born in the dead of Winter). I’ve already done one beach trip this year, and am already planning the next. I’m also planning to spend Midsummer at the beach. What better way to celebrate Summer? 😀

Anyway! With a new month comes updates. So, here they are, in nice little flower petals for your viewing pleasure~!

❤ A few months ago I went vegetarian. This was back in February. But because my partner is very much a meat eater, I made the concession to not be vegetarian at home. This was mainly because his doctor put him on a strict diet and it would be hard(er) and unfair to him to ask him to do it totally vegetarian. It wouldn’t be impossible, just harder. And because he’s had a hard enough life, I didn’t want to add that in. But…that led me to getting off track everywhere. I started eating meat at a friend’s house, when we’d order food out, etc. I didn’t like it. The other day we went to the grocery and got hot dogs out…immediately after my stomach started hurting and I felt bad in a myriad of ways. That was when I decided “nope, hardcore veg”. The one exception I do and will make is fish. Yes, fish is meat. But it’s primarily fish that my partner’s doctor wants him to eat, and so I’ve made that concession. So I guess technically you could call me a pescetarian. What’s funny though, is that in everything else I eat I avoid animal products as much as possible. Today’s breakfast was totally vegan, for example. I’m not actively trying to be vegan (at least not consciously), but I do like when my meals wind up being that way.


❤ I tried to start my Yoga practice back up. I only did one day of it about a month ago. It felt so good. I actually felt looser just after that one session! I never went back to it though 😦 I really want to, and plan to. I hadn’t because I got caught up in doing so many other things that I just failed to make time for it on a regular basis. But I think I’m going to attempt to do so again. I know it helps me in all manner of ways and so it’s a thing I really need to work to get into my life on a regular basis again. At least 2-3 times a week.

❤ I find myself drinking more water thanks to having a giant purple Camelbak. For some reason the fact that it’s purple seems to be playing a huge role in the fact that I’m using it more. Unsure why. Maybe just because I like purple things?

❤ My Journey Through The Tarot on Instagram has stalled. The next card I need to post is The World—the end of the Major Arcana. I can’t put my finger on exactly why it’s stalled. I think part of me fell into a little bit of a depression (I haven’t been diagnosed with depression, but in all honesty I have a sneaking suspicion that I have it. I’m working on finding a therapist to help determine if this is the case/help me with some things in my life.) and so a lot of things in my life stalled out. I think today may be the day I pick it back up though. After having a slightly rough morning I’m feeling a lot better, and a lot more inspired and ready to tackle things. So perhaps today is the day I get back into the swing of posting these. I do fully intend on finishing the entire journey. It just may take a little longer than I initially planned.

❤ Though I’ve had a breakthrough on The Selkie, I’m not going to rush to get it out. I want to be completely 100% satisfied with it, and I think you guys would prefer me put out a quality book rather than rush a slipshod one out before it’s really ready. So it won’t be out in June. I’m planning for July though. Given the stage of edits I’m in, and the fact that I finally have an ending, that should be totally doable. I’ll update more on this as developments occur. HOWEVER, this is Pride Month, and the end of the month is the NYC Pride festival. On that day, I will release a piece of FREE LESBIAN flash fiction here on the blog as a small celebration! Let’s face it. We need more lesbian stories in this world, and what is a better way to celebrate Pride month than putting out a free lesbian story? 😀 (Btw, I have a few other free pieces of lesbian fiction posted on the blog as well~ <3)

❤ I found a new (to me) poet that I absolutely adore—Rupi Kaur. I’ll write up an entire post about her soon, but in the meantime, you should really check out her stuff. It’s fantastic!

❤ And if you were wondering what No Nostalgia Filter was doing in June…

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2 Responses to June Update!

  1. tarottools says:

    Love the Pride-themed post. I have days where I struggle through my daily tarot reflections (but I do them because every time through, something new occurs to me–and I tend to be way more Zen about life when I’m reflecting). Definitely looking up the poet (poetry scholarship is my day job, I’m always interested in hearing new voices).


    • Raven says:

      Thank you! I hadn’t really even meant to make this a totally Pride themed post, but I’m glad it came out that way!

      Your dayjob sounds pretty cool! Let me know what you think of Rupi’s stuff. I always like sharing new voices I come across and hearing what people think of them 🙂


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