FREE Lesbian Flash Fiction: The Ruby Ring

I was going through some of my old writing and found this gem that I wrote back in 2009. It was meant to be part of a larger story, but unfortunately that story never got written. It may still yet, I don’t know. But for now, I thought I would share this as a small celebration of Pride Month. ❤


    I step out of the shower and quickly dress in my favorite cotton pajamas. I find you sitting on the couch just watching TV. Without a glance you know I’m upset about something and open your arms for me to come and lay in. I just sit there snuggling close to you as you hold me until my tears subside. “What is wrong?” You ask me after awhile. I attempt to explain the way I’m feeling but fail miserably at it. I can’t even tell you why I feel this way. You hold me close and tell me everything will be alright. I snuggle closer to you, my head on your shoulder until I start to doze off.
Instead of heading into bed we just stretch out on the couch and cover up with a light afghan. The windows are all open and a slight breeze blows in whispering of better days. I rest my head on your chest and enjoy the feel of your hand playing with my long hair. It’s tender moments like these that I live for. Nothing feels more right than lying in your arms just enjoying the silence of the night.
The next morning we wake to the sound of the Robins singing their merry song. I don’t even want to move from your arms. You start to shift out from under me and I wrap my arms around you tight, not wanting to let you go. “Still not feeling well?” You ask and smooth my hair back away from my face.
I softly shake my head ‘no’. “I had a nightmare last night.” I say in a quiet voice, my eyes not meeting yours. “I dreamt I no longer had you, that you went away.”
You just look me in the eye and smile. You softly press your lips to mine is a sweet tender kiss and tell me not to worry, that it was only a dream and we’ll always be together. I nod softly and let you slip off the couch to disappear into the bathroom. I hear you rummage around in our bedroom before returning to the living room where I’m sitting on the couch watching the birds try to peck the last morsels of bird food from the birdfeeders.
I hear you pad over to me and as you sit down beside me you wrap your arms around me. You instruct me to close my eyes and give you my hand. I look at you a little confused but do as you command. I feel you slip something onto my finger and my mind begins racing. She can’t be proposing to me, can she? I’d love it if she was but that’s not even legal here. “You can open your eyes now.” You tell me.
I glance down at my hand and on my ring finger is a small ruby ring no bigger than a small stone. Tears flood to my eyes as I look up at you.
“That’s a ring my father gave to my mother before they were married. He said that this was a symbol of his commitment to her and that it was a promise ring. A promise that they’d always be together no matter what anybody said.” You look at it and chuckle a little. “We aren’t the only ones who have ever had a forbidden love.”
I look at you with love in my eyes as the tears start slowly streaking down my cheeks. I can’t even speak, I’m so happy beyond words that you would give something so precious to me. With a shaky smile spreading across my face I wrap my arms around you and hold you tight. For the first time in my life I realize that I mean the world to the person who means the world to me. It was a feeling I had always hoped for and one I was afraid would never come. And now that I have it I won’t ever let you go.


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