Title Achieved! :D

I have some exciting news today! I FINALLY have a title for my upcoming book! Titles are the bane of my writerly existence–I struggle with them soooo much. The only time a title has come to me easily was for Fires. It just popped into my head and felt right immediately. It stuck and it worked. (To this day I’m still not absolutely thrilled with the title of Rescued, but hey, what can you do.)

Anyway, I’ve been working on this book for about five years. FIVE. YEARS. In that time it’s gone by many titles: Treacherous Tides, The Selkie, for awhile it was even known to my friends as “the selkie story” (which is how it just got shortened to The Selkie). But I didn’t like any of those. At least not for this book. Treacherous Tides sounds more like an adult romance. The Selkie made it seem like the focus was entirely on Celia (the selkie). While she is a main focus in the story, the book is more about love, loss, and learning to let go.

So, being tired of not having a good title and one that I was satisfied with, I set myself a deadline of today to come up with one. And yesterday, I sat down. I made lists of words and themes. I talked to fellow writer Naomi Clark and my boyfriend (who is also a writer!), Angelo, about my struggles. They were both so amazing and gave me so much inspiration (thanks guys!), and by the time I went to my dayjob yesterady I had a title, courtesy of my amazing boyfriend (he’s the one that came up with it and it just sounded right and stuck~). I waited until today to announce it because I wanted to sleep on it and be absolutely sure about it before saying “this is it!”. I prematurely said “this is it” with the title Treacherous Tides and wanted to avoid that.

So what’s my official title for my selkie story?



Does that allude to the themes of the book? Not really. But so much happens in and around the sea, and Arabella (my main character) has a very strong connection to the sea (all water really), it just fit so perfectly. Also I really like the word and everything that comes to mind when I think of it.

Cover and blurb coming soon!

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