Some Thoughts

Leaving No Nostalgia Filter was such a good decision for me, even if it was one that I didn’t make myself. (Long story, but in the end there are no hard feelings.) I enjoyed the 9 months I was part of it, but it didn’t turn out to be the right fit for me.

(Just as I typed that I realized it was 9 months. 9. Odin, I’m looking at You.)

My dream since I was in my teens and realized that it could be my Full Time Job was to be a writer, a full time author. I had spent most of my time since then working toward that goal. I got an article published in a magazine, I released Rescued and Fires, have put up a few free lesbian stories (because nothing makes this world more rainbow-y than two girls in love <3), and have generally spent all my time writing other things that just haven’t been released or put up yet.

And now I’m getting ready to release another book!

But during those 9 months of working with No Nostalgia Filter, while it was fun and introduced me to new games and allowed me to get a taste of creating videos (something I’m considering doing myself, but with a very different focus), it detracted heavily from my over all goal: that of being a full time author.

In those 9 months I barely wrote anything. Any free time I had went to recording or scheduling things or otherwise managing behind the scenes stuff for NNF. I lost sight of what I really wanted and it took my focus away from who I am and was ultimately turning me into someone I’m not and don’t really want to be.

But in the month since NNF and I parted ways…I seem to have found myself again. At least a little. It’s a journey, but it’s something I’m working on. Ever since that fateful Saturday 3 weeks ago, I’ve felt a weight from my shoulders gone. I can refocus myself. I’m ecstatic to be able to follow my heart again.

There really is nothing like doing what you know you are meant to do and what truly makes your heart sing.

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