That Sweet Author Swag

Once upon a time there was a teenager who loved words. When she wasn’t filling spiral notebooks with dreams and wishes, she was reading. One day, she discovered an author, Christine Feehan, that she fell instantly in love with. She devoured all of her books as fast as she could. Thankfully this author had published several books at that time and so the girl had several books to keep her busy for weeks…even months.

It was during this time that the girl started getting the urge to write herself. She took one the spiral notebooks she always had with her and began to pen stories. Stories inspired (and heavily influenced) by Feehan’s stories that she loved so very much.

This was where it all began, when the girl first began to write out the stories always running through her head.


Fast forward 15 odd years to present day. That girl is me, and I still love Feehan’s work. I don’t read her books as avidly as I did back then as I have several of my own in the works, have two “dayjobs”, and a plethora of other authors to read as well. But there is still something so incredibly comforting about her novels.

Thursday morning I started reading her novel Earth Bound. I didn’t do much of anything else that day. I wasn’t feeling good, so I gave myself permission to just read all day if I needed to. I did the same thing when I got home from work (I don’t miss work unless I’m on my death bed). Then about 9:30 I saw something on one my various social media platforms that told me Christine Feehan had been at my local bookstore for a Q&A session that night! The bookstore had closed at 9pm…I had JUST missed her. I was so sad and upset. I wound up going on a Twitter rant about it.

Yesterday morning, when I had once again buried my nose in Earth Bound, I got a tweet from someone at the bookstore. They’d seen my tweets about missing Christine and how sad I was. The tweeter told me to come down to the bookstore in a little bit and they’d give me a gift bag that Christine had left behind. ❤ I was beyond thrilled. I may have missed Christine, but she put the entire Q&A session up on her Facebook page so I was able to see it. I got a cool gift bag (writer swag!!) from my favorite author, and it even came with a nice little thumb drive.


Perhaps this is just plain geeky to everyone else, but it gave me a happy. And now I have the perfect bag to take with me to Blogbound Con tomorrow, too!


Mark your calendars–my new book, Seaborne, will be out August 18, 2016! If you want or need some awesome lesbian fiction to tide you over until then, check out my list of FREE lesbian stories. ❤

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