Happy Freyja’s Day!; Or, KITTEN SPAM

Sorry for lack of posts and lack of updates on SEABORNE. I’ve been a little swamped this week with edits and writing, but also this:

Last week I brought home a little black kitten with the intention of just fostering her for a week or so. Well, needless to say, we’ve gotten quite attached. We named her Luna (like the black cat in Sailor Moon–a show both me and my boyfriend loved when we were younger~), I gave her the nickname Little Panther and also Wild Thing as she loves to run around the apartment like a total maniac. She loves toy balls and a little stuffed catnip butterfly I got her, and Temptations treats get her to run straight to you. The past several nights she’s taken to sleeping on top of me. ❀

I took her back to the vet yesterday to have a suture removed (she’d gotten spayed) and to get a nail trim and…I couldn’t stand it. After we came home, my boyfriend and I got into a lengthy discussion about a lot of things but one of those things was Luna. We’ve both grown really attached to her. There was never any question of whether or not I would want to keep her. I want every cat there ever was (seriously. I would be the crazy cat lady your parents warned you about if you let me). The question was my boyfriend as he has asthma (which is triggered by dust) and a slight allergy to pet dander. But so far there’s been minimal reaction. Minimal enough that…WE’VE DECIDED TO KEEP HER!! We’ve ordered a few things off Amazon that will help keep allergens out of the air and we’ll be rearranging a few things around our apartment, but we now officially have a cat! Needless to say I am super happy about this.



Meet Luna! Aka “Little Panther” ❀



Blurry, but still one of my faves. Also currently my phone background XD



Look out for Raven’s upcoming book, Seaborne (a NA Lesbian Magical Realism novella), which is being released on September 18, 2016. And if you simply need more lesbian fiction before then, check out her free lesbian stories~!

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