Lughnasadh/Lammas Blessings!


Lughnasadh/Lammas is the first of 3 harvest festivals for Pagans, and as such it’s around this time of year that my mind starts thinking about things I’m grateful for and the things I’ve been able to accomplish this year. I thought I’d focus on that for my August update. ❀

~One thing I’m incredibly grateful for is my awesome boyfriend. We’ve been together for a little over 9 years now, but these past few years we’ve experienced some really rocky times as we moved our relationship from being long distance to immediately living together. However, lately, thanks to shows like Mr. Robot and Steven Universe, and the game Pokemon Go, we’ve been growing closer once more and I really can’t be more grateful for that.

~The cat we recently adopted, Luna. I’ve lived with cats my entire life and having gone 3 years without one was kind of torture. So when we adopted her I was over the moon with joy. She’s given me some of the simplest pleasures I’ve known and provided me hours of entertainment. She’s also allowed me to let go and move on from some things in my personal life that were no longer suiting me.

~The progress I’ve made on SEABORNE. I’ve been working on this book for years and years–since well before I moved here. Several times I’d gotten close to finishing it, but it never felt right. This year, I decided that no matter what, I was going to get it written and out into the world. And now here I am a month and a half away from it going live. Wednesday I reveal the blurb for it!

~One thing I did want to note that isn’t really a gratitude thing, is that I have officially stopped my Journey Through The Tarot. I enjoyed it while I was doing it, but my mind was continually pulled in other directions and I eventually decided that now was not the right time to be focusing on such a big project. I will pick it back up in the future, but I’m not sure when that will be.

(Disclaimer: The photo at the beginning of this post was not. I found it on Google. If it is yours and you’d like credit–or for me to take it down–message me and I will do so~)


Look out for Raven’s upcoming book, Seaborne (a NA Lesbian Magical Realism novella), which is being released on September 18, 2016. And if you simply need more lesbian fiction before then, check out her free lesbian stories~!

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