Writer Wednesday: SEABORNE, Blurb Reveal!

I’m going to start a small thing on this here blog called Writer Wednesday. It’s a concept that I thought of years ago, have since seen trending on Twitter, but just haven’t implemented yet. But I want to have one day a week where the only thing I focus on is writing, and since one of my patron deities (Odin) is the keeper of the mead of inspiration I figured His day would be a great time to do it!

To kick off my personal Writer Wednesdays, I FINALLY have Seaborne‘s blurb to share with you! As a writer, I wrote and rewrote, edited and then rewrote this blurb again. I couldn’t come up with something I was entirely happy with. And, in all honesty, given the chance, I’d probably continue tweaking and rewriting. But I could do that until Ragnarok which means basically that the blurb would never get out there, and that’s not helpful. SO, without further ado, here is the blurb for my upcoming novella, Seaborne!


Arabella, along with her girlfriend Sadie, jets off to Ireland to spread her beloved grandmother’s ashes over her homeland. Arabella has always wanted to visit her family’s ancestral home, but she gets more than she bargained for when she meets a selkie. Now Arabella must find a way to put aside her grief to help Celia, or seal her fate to remain trapped away from her true love.


Look out for Raven’s upcoming book, Seaborne (a NA Lesbian Magical Realism novella), which is being released on September 18, 2016. And if you simply need more lesbian fiction before then, check out her free lesbian stories~!

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