Lazy Sundays

Sunday’s always wind up being “Temple Days” for me. Every Sunday, without fail, I wake up in the mentality of having an easy day. My mind is relaxed, focused on spiritual pursuits or writing, and just overall having a nice simple day. Especially if I wake up and am able to lay about for awhile. This Sunday past was just like that and I’m so glad that my partner and I were both on the same page yesterday.

That morning I woke up and painted my nails–this is the first time I’ve had color on my nails in months. I used to never go without it, but because petsitting and such can make polish chip really fast I stopped worrying about it. Also I found I liked the look of blank nails, oddly enough. But having a color on them right now is bringing me joy. I put on a deep, sparkly purple that really suits my Autumn mood. Saturday, before we went to the beach, I painted my toenails a pretty sparkly orange. I always have paint on them, but they were in desperate need of a touch up. Small things like this really help me feel better and give me a boost in confidence.

I also watched a couple episodes of Supernatural. So, I started watching Supernatural when it first hit the air years ago. Back then I had cable and watched it that way, but then when I lost cable I couldn’t watch it anymore and got way behind. Since then I’ve gained Netflix (and will never ever have cable again) and have sporadically watched it here and there, but never finished it entirely. Well, I’ve been bitten by the Autumn and Samhain bug super early this year, and so I’ve begun watching Supernatural again as it seemed mood appropriate and is scratching the Samhain itch for now. What’s funny is when I first started watching this show years ago I also started writing fanfic about it. It is the second of two fandoms I’ve ever written fanfic about. I, unfortunately, don’t have any of those stories anymore as I lost them in a move. But this time when watching it it’s inspired an entire novel series for me. It’s not fanfic, but it is similar that if you look for it you’ll be able to tell that it was Supernatural inspired. There is no shame in this for me. I love being inspired by media in all it’s forms.

While I was out doing my one errand yesterday I realized that I’ve been pretty exclusively buying handmade jewelry for awhile now. This wasn’t really a conscious decision that I made, but more and more I’ve found that I really like the stuff I find on Etsy or at local flea markets and not so much the mass produced stuff. The rings and a few earrings are about the only mass produced jewelry I own anymore. But all my necklaces and bracelets are handmade and several of them locally made. I like this for several reasons: it supports individuals as opposed to big chains, the local stuff doesn’t leave as much of a carbon footprint as other things do, and they are usually one of a kind pieces. My latest favorite pieces are a pair of skull earrings made of Howlite, and a wire wrapped agate heart necklace (I’m not sure it it’s moss agate or tree agate, but it’s one of them). I like this trend and I plan to continue it.

I leave you today with an adorable picture of my cat, who now has her own Instagram. We had been trying to keep her out of the bedroom because my partner has slight pet allergies. But yesterday we let her lay in the bedroom window which she adores. Shell probably wind up being allowed in there all the time in the end, but for today, it was a treat for her. ❀


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