September Update!

Happy September!

We have now entered my favorite month and season of the year! I adore Summer, but my soul will always belong to Autumn. She is my Mistress, the season my heart truly beats for. Mother Nature shows off all her beautiful talents, the crisp air is perfect for apple picking, and who can ignore the bonfires and stories told around them? There is nothing about Autumn that I don’t love, save for one–the fact that Winter follows 😛 But Autumn herself is all magic and home and coziness. ❤ I foresee lots of time spent writing outside and doing nature photography.

Since we have entered a new month, it is time for the monthly update! I don’t think I really have that much to share this month, to be honest, but we’ll see. Things will probably come to me as I start writing.


~I’ve been reading a lot of nonfiction lately. I try to read a healthy mix of fiction and nonfiction, but for awhile I got a great fiction kick and read only that. So now I’m trying to switch to nonfiction. Up first are The Wisdom of Birch, Oak, and Yew and Writing Wild. I have a few other nonfiction books on my shelf, but these are the two I’m most excited about and so have decided they are first. There are actually so many TBR books on my shelf right now that I thought about putting a temporary ban on buying books, but let’s be real. I don’t think that’s going to happen.

~My first article/essay was published this past month in Witches & Pagans magazine. Seeing my name in print for the first time (in physical form–I have ebooks published) is so fulfilling to me, and almost surreal. Even though I can look to my right and see it, it’s still hard for me to believe at times. My partner has been so amazing, too, telling me how proud of me he is and everything, encouraging me to keep going and get more articles published. I’m so lucky to have such a supportive and understanding partner. Of course, he’s a writer himself so it’s natural that he’d be this way, but still. There is something really happy about both of us being writers.

~I’ve been doing a little bit of editing work on the side and am considering branching out and offering my editing services more widely. Thus far I’ve done mainly other articles (as opposed to novels), but I am willing and wanting to do both!

~Normally, Loreena Mckennitt is the soundtrack to my Autumn, and while I have been listening to her lately, I’ve become seriously obsessed with Damh the Bard. I’d heard his music several times in the years past, but I’ve been going through and listening to each of his albums and really hearing his songs. Several of them speak to me on a deep level. Especially Thundersbarrow Hill. ❤

~I’ve begun drawing daily Runes again. This is just something I started doing earlier this week, but that’s okay. I’ve been reading Runes for years, but for awhile had put it aside. But one day I felt a strong draw to them and so drew one, and the habit has just kind of stuck. Back when I updated Odin Devoted regularly I’d occasionally make posts about the Runes over there. I’m considering doing the same here (I don’t really want to keep up with two blogs anymore. I see the benefit in it, but it detracts enough from my writing time/energy that I almost have to choose between the two), if people would be interested. It benefited me quite a bit as it allowed me to explore and learn more about the Runes as I worked with them. We’ll see.

~What update is complete without mentioning the cat I was “fostering”? Things with Luna are going well. She is adjusting just perfectly, and now feels very at home. She has her own Instagram now, because I am that pet parent. 😛 I’m beginning to wonder how I ever survived without a cat. No home is truly complete without one.

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