Rune of Partnership

28786599253_c01dbf08bd_zYesterday I drew Ehwaz. I have been drawing Runes again all week. I’m not really sure what made me start doing so again–just a strong pull towards them suddenly came over me one day and I’ve been working with them again ever since. Ironically the only day I’ve missed in pulling a daily Rune was Wednesday πŸ˜› But hey. So, since I’m working with them again I’m leaning more about them and therefore wanting to blog about them again. I thought I’d post this here and since if you all liked seeing these kinds of posts. If so, I will continue making them in the future. Otherwise, Rune posts will be made over on Odin Devoted.

I’ve blogged about Ehwaz before, but when I did I mentioned how it was all about travel and location changes. At the time that’s what was going on in my life and so that’s what stood out to me. But in reality there’s more to Ehwaz.

For starters, there’s the fact that Ehwaz is a Rune of partnership. If you fold it in half it’s a mirror image of itself–two halves working together to make one complete whole. (If you want to get romantic or whatever you can say this might symbolize Twin Flames.) Cooperation, love, and trust all come to mind when I think of this Rune.

If you were to pick it apart and divide it in two, you would have two Laguz’s–a Rune which is all about flow. A partnership is two people working together, flowing with one another, giving and taking as needed. In doing so they make each other’s lives better. They support one another and ensure that each other is never really alone. Ehwaz is like that–the two Laguz’s “kiss” and thus keep each other from falling over. They each give a little so both win in the end, and make something entirely new.

Another thing I’ve seen mentioned when it comes to Ehwaz is the horse and rider. Ehwaz basically translates to horse, but it doesn’t have to mean the actual animal. It could also simply symbolize a vehicle for travel, whether that be physical travel or psychic travel. In fact, whereas before I read this as a more physical travel aspect, these days I’m understanding it more to mean psychic travel. Working with the astral and doing trancework. This is especially true when you think of Odin and how the Runes could relate to Him. Yes, He wanders the nine worlds in search of every bit of wisdom there is, but He also does psychic travel–that is how He learned the wisdom of the Runes in the first place after all.

I admit, drawing this Rune made me happy. I don’t want to get into it too much, but suffice it to say that things were rocky between me and my partner for awhile, but lately things have gotten a lot better. We are embodying Ehwaz a lot more in the recent days and that makes me really happy. We’ve come a long way from where we started, and I do hope to continue on this journey with him.

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