TO CATCH A CAT Book Signing with Heather Green

Sunday I went to a book talk at local bookstore, Word. I adore this bookstore. It’s small and quaint, but so welcoming and warm. The people there are always friendly and always helpful and informative. So of course I want to support them in any way I can.

However, the main reason I went to this event in particular, is because it was put on by a woman I know that used to work with the rescue organization that I got Luna from. I’m a huge fan of cat rescues, and as part of my dayjob I get to help out with a cat rescue. I love this part of my job, to be honest, and I’m always looking for different ways I can be involved with them. Animal welfare is such an important thing to me, and cats are the animal I am closest with. Being able to help out with the rescue is pretty special to me.

Anyway, Heather Green wrote a book called TO CATCH A CAT about rescuing three little kittens and how it changed her life. Heather is a wonderful person and I couldn’t not go to support her and Companion Animal Placement. ❀

I wish I’d snapped a picture of Heather with her book, but alas I didn’t. Of course I bought a copy of the book though!


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