Writer Wednesday: POEtry


When I was a teenager I used to carry a book of Edgar Allan Poe poems with me everywhere. It was a small, blue book that easily fit in my Mudd purse. My mom had gotten it for me for either my birthday or Yule I can’t remember which as they are both so close together and I cherished it forever. I’m not sure what happened to it.

Anyway, I’ve been wishing for such a thing for a few years now. Then I think of everything I already carry in my bag with me and the idea of adding another book to the mix–even if it was tiny–was daunting. So I turned to phone apps! Turns out there is an app for Androids (not sure if it’s available for Apple products) that is just a collection of Poe poems, simply called “Poems of Poe”. It now has a forever home on my beloved Galaxy 5. (And whenever I upgrade, which hopefully won’t have to be for a few years, it will be downloaded onto that as well~)

The search for an app was prompted by my meditating (I use that term very loosely as it’s more of very deep thought on a topic) on what inspires me, what I want to write, where my muse takes me, etc. I’ll make a whole other post on that sometime soon as it definitely needs writing about. But suffice it to say, Poe is definitely in the mix of things that inspire.

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