Friday Round Up!

~I have a Tumblr! I mean, I’ve had one for awhile, I just routinely forget to use it. But a friend tagged me on a thing and wanted me to participate in a Meme so I actually made a post there, and when I went to make an Instagram post a little later I remembered I could just have Instagram post to Tumblr for me. So I’m going to try to be more active on there. If you have a Tumblr, either follow me there or comment below. I don’t know very many people there yet, and I think that’s part of why I don’t go visit there very often. Though every time I do I’m like “OMG THIS PLACE IS SO INSPIRING”. Because seriously, there are a lot of photos there that always jog my creative juices (and a way to find those photos is what made me create a Tumblr in the first place).

~I’ve been making more Odin Devoted posts lately. Not sure how much I’ll keep up with stuff over there, but I’m going to try to. There’s a post up over there today on Bloodstone and it’s connections with Odin. I was originally going to post that here as well, but then decided not to. It is very Odin-centric and while I am happy to post Pagan things here, I think I’ll save the super Odin-centric things for over there.


~My current read is LADY MIDNIGHT by Cassandra Clare. This is the first of Clare’s books I’ve ever read, and I admit it’s taken me awhile to get into it. I bought it the other day because it sounded really good and it’s a really thick book, and I love big books (and I cannot lie). That’s one reason why I love the Game of Thrones series of books so much. They are thick. When you consider that I mainly write short stories this might strike you as odd that I prefer big books, but eh. Maybe that love will eventually lead me to writing big books.

~I figured out what my NaNoWriMo project is going to be this year and I’ve already begun outlining it. It’s going to be the Odin Devotional that I’ve talked about writing for years. I don’t know why, but now finally feels like the right time. And the fact that I’m planning so far ahead when it comes to NaNo gives me extra hope that I’ll actually “win” this year. I’m just trying to decide what all I want to include. I know certain things will definitely be in there, but there are some things I’m still questioning whether to include or not. It’ll probably wind up being that I write ALL THE IDEAS and then trim the ones out that I decide not to include and then just submit those for publication elsewhere. Or put them into an anothology of a different kind or something. One thing I wish about NaNo is that it would let you set your own word count goals instead of saying the only goal is 50k words. I have no clue whether or not this devotional will wind up being 50k or not, but still. For other years it would be nice to be able to set a different word count.The best part about this year’s project? I already have a cover image picked out! Just need to decide on an official title and make up the cover.

~And finally I’ll say that I’ve set up a time to do one of my favorite Autumn acitivites: apple picking! I’m super excited about this. Me and a bunch of my friends are going the weekend following Mabon, so it’s pretty timely as well. And it’s the perfect way to celebrate my favorite of the Pagan holidays. (The only sabbat to rival this one for the “favorite” slot is, of course, Samhain~)

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