Blessed Mabon and Happy Autumn Equinox!


Mabon blessings!

This is easily one of my faaaaaaaaavorite sabbats. It is on the same level of favoriteness as Samhain, though for very different reasons. Samhain is the traditional witches holiday (obviously) and is generally one big party. Mabon though? Well, first of all Mabon makes the official start of my most favorite season, the season of my soul: Autumn. So there’s that. But it’s also sentimental for me. Mabon was the very first sabbat that I ever celebrated as a newly minted Pagan, and it’s also the time of year that I did my first dedication ceremony. So I suppose you could say that this is my *thinks* 18(?) year Witchiversary. Wow it doesn’t and does feel like I’ve been practicing that long.

I honestly can’t remember how my life was before Paganism. Perhaps it’s because I’m one of those people that has the background story of technically having always been Pagan without knowing the name or that “Pagan” existed. As I kid I wished to live among the trees, I collected crystals and studied their meanings, I did everything I could to learn about the various trees and plants that grew in my area. In Junior High when we had to study the Iliad and the Odyssey I fell in love with all the Greek gods, especially Athena. I wished with all my might that it was possible to worship and work with Them. (It would be another two years until I found Paganism, but I got my wish!)

So Mabon has a ton of personal meaning to me. ❀


This year, there aren’t many trees changing colors yet. A few of the leaves have brown edges to them, but for the most part everything is still green. Pumpkins are for sale though as are chrysanthemums. Sunday I’m supposed to go Apple PIcking with a big ground of my friends, and I can’t wait. It’s one of my favorite Autumn activities. (Also after that I will totally deem it ok to start putting out ALL Samhain decorations! I’ve tried to hold out despite me being super into Samhain this year since I always complain about Yule stuff being out before Thanksgiving. But ugh. It’s been so hard this year! I’m so super stoked for Samhain!)

But tonight I will do a small quiet ritual of gratitude and allow myself to reminisce about all the things I’ve done and seen and learned over the years, and I’ll raise my goblet to many more years and much more learning to come. Never stop learning. There is always more information out there. That’s one of my favorite things about this world. You can never learn everything. ❀

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