A Very Norse (Pagan Pride) Day

At the beginning of the month I got to go to my very first Pagan Pride Day. I go to NYC’s Gay Pride Parade every year and have an absolute blast. Part of that is because I get to be around other people like me. I’ve been wanting to find other Pagans in my area. I’m a solitary by choice, but every now and then want to have other Pagan friends to get together and discuss ritual and my deities and Runes with. I’ve never really had that before. So I thought going to a Pagan Pride Day would allow me to meet others in my area as well as browse Pagan wares and have a little bit of an adventure (I’d never been to Washington Square Park after all)!


Ratatosk had to make an appearance, too!

There were several booths with various wares there. I admittedly was hoping to find a journal that would work well for a “Book of Shadows”, but there weren’t any there that really called to me. But there were several things there that did. It would up being a very Norse Day.

A lot of Norse pagans where a Mjolnir. It’s kind of become a symbol of Heathenry (Norse paganism in general). I wear a Valknut everyday because Odin is my teacher (I hesitate to use the word patron deity, though that’s essentially what He is), but had never had a Mjolnir pendant. In all honesty, I’d never really desired one either. Thor has as much role in my life as Frey does (that is to say a peripheral role) so Mjolnir was never a huge symbol to me. But I was browsing one booth in particular and there, hanging on the wall, was a single soliatry Mjolnir pendant. I snapped it up, paid for it, and immediately slipped it on. It now dangles with my Valknut on the same necklace and it’s never felt more right. I love it and never take either off.


Down one of the side “streets” I discovered the kind of thing I was looking for. Well, not looking for exactly. But something that filled my want of meeting other Pagans in the area. the NYC Heathen group had a table set up and cards to hand out advertising their Facebook page (they don’t yet have a website). So not only did I meet other Pagans, but also other people who follow my gods, and also people who are attempting to get a group together at least once a month just for a hang out and to discuss various bits of lore and what not. It was actually more than I was looking for, Hel more than I was hoping for. It was…perfect.


The other thing I went home with that day was a new set of Runes! I wasn’t looking for a new set (I had two as it was), but one of the booths had a decent selection for a fair price. My eyes landed on these blue stones–I’m not even sure what kind of stone they are–and it was a done a deal. I mean, I deliberated for a few minutes. I wasn’t looking for a new Rune set and didn’t really want to spend much money, but in the end I knew they were meant to be mine. They have very quickly turned into my favorite set and the one I primarily use these days. I’m ridiculously happy with them.

What else is really interesting is the bag that I keep them in? I saw it at a Dunkin Donuts a few days prior and had to have it. Inside was a car air freshener and a coupon for a free drink, and while those are both super awesome (I’m kind of a Dunkin Donuts coffee addict), it was the bag that I was really after. I had no idea why I had to have it. Just thought I liked it because it had an apple on it. I guess Odin knew otherwise.


The last thing I did that day was attend a Rune talk that was put on by one of the members of the NYC Heathens. I’m always looking to improve my Rune reading skills, and besides it provided perfect research for my Odin Devotional. I’ll talk more about that in another post though. It was fun and very informative. I really can’t wait to get together with these guys again.

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