How I Know I’m Doing The Right Thing

Yesterday I made the decision that despite Trump winning the presidency here in the states *shudders* that I wasn’t going to just stop being me. I wasn’t going to hide, I wasn’t going to be silent, I wasn’t going to deny my truth. I went ahead and published my above video even though it was scary to do so. I didn’t market it much because I was too caught up in a million other things and other emotions, but it’s up and it’s live and I’m glad that it is.

Today I made the same decision to not be silent. I wore my Pulse Orlando shirt when I went out to feed a bird this morning. I posted about it on social medias. Last night I decided to volunatiry tend Brigid’s flame just because I felt like it was needed, and I posted about that. The response I’m getting from putting myself out there is overwhelming and touching.

Yesterday after I published that video, a girl I have met only once private messaged me and told me she too wanted to be brave. She told me she identified as genderqueer, that she had recently come out ot her mom about it (and her mother was awesomely supportive!), and that she wanted to keep being brave. So she told me her truth.

I stopped in a park on my way home today to take a picture of my coffee among beautiful Autumn trees (because I’m that white girl). A man walking his adorable dog saw my shirt and said he liked it. Even thanked me for wearing it.

As I got home someone I’ve been friends with for awhile commented on my post about tending Brigid’s flame and said she didn’t feel like she could because she can’t keep a real candle lit long due to ash and asthma concerns. I explained I never leave a real candle going overnight or while I’m gone, that battery powered candles are just fine and Brigid has never had an issue with them. She’s now asking me how to sign up to be a flame tender…what all it entails.

These may all seem very insignificant in the grand scheme of things, but to these individual people they are monumental. It means they are not alone. It means that someone else out there is willing to speak up, to be someone they can look at and identify with even they don’t know them personally. It means their voice won’t be lost even if they don’t feel strong enough or brave enough to speak up themselves.

And to me it’s incredibly rewarding.

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