Disaster, Disaster, Disaster!

30390666123_8a2e1279d3_zLately, I’ve been vlogging a lot instead of blogging. I like vlogging–it’s a different medium and I find it really fun to change up my methods of creating things. Also there is something really inspiring about filming a video. But today I kind of just wanted to write a blog post. It’s been awhile, and though I love vlogging, I find I very much also like blogging. Writing words is my favorite thing, after all, and this is one way I was able to write things and still take a break from my current WIP.

If you’ve been following me on Facebook or Instagram, then you’ve seen me posting about how I need to write about 4k+ words every single day from now until the end of November in order to win NaNoWriMo. (I actually made a vlog about my NaNo progress and such, if you want to get caught up~) Well, disaster has kind of struck.

I have a million scenes in mind, and know a million more things that my characters need to do and say and experience in this story. I’m adoring writing this story. It’s clearly something that I’ve needed to write and that I was meant to write. So the disaster isn’t story related it all.

It’s physically related.

For the past week or so I’ve had pretty excruciating back pain. Like to the point where sometimes it hurts to sit up. For awhile it made me nauseous and I could barely eat even my favorite foods. The nausea has since passed, But unless I’m laying down my back feels in some kind of pain. My sweet boyfriend tells me my muscles are all in a knot, which I completely believe. Yule season is coming up, which brings it’s own set of stresses with it (many of them everyone is familiar with). But also throughout November I’ve been doing NaNo (obviously), I’ve been trying to keep up with Youtube content 3 times a week, I’ve been trying to maintain my relationship and help my boyfriend get healthy again (long story), then there’s also dayjob and my side job of petsitting which has had me doing things. Not to mention my mom got married recently and I had to miss her wedding as I couldn’t get back to Indiana in time to watch her walk down the aisle to her new husband.

And who can forget the election? The terrible tragedy that was Donald Trump getting elected as the next president. (Sorry, he’s #NotMyPresident…never will be.) Clearly, I don’t support him at all. But let’s not focus on politics here. That can be another blog post.

Point is I’ve had a very stressful time, and now at the end of November when I desperately need to be able to sit up and write every day, it’s all catching up with me. This doesn’t really bode well for me “winning” NaNo, though I’m going to try. I can write some words on my downtime at work, but those must be handwritten, which I’ve already been doing some of. It just means the process will go a lot slower.

I think another reason my back is seizing up the way it is, is because I don’t have a proper writing area. My writing areas right now are on the bed, on the couch, and at the coffee table. None of which give good back support or make my laptop a proper height to not cause some kind of pain. I miss having a desk sooooo much for so many reasons, but this is one of them. My writing practice for the past few years hasn’t been what it should have been because I know this happens to me. I know if I write on the couch long enough, my back seizes up like this. It always happens, without fail. (That is not the only reason I haven’t been writing like I actually want to. It’s actually a small reason.) Relief, in this regard, is on the horizon, though. For Yule I am finally getting a desk! And we’re probably going to get it early (like in the next few weeks)! I really can NOT wait. Two things I’ve always had in my life, since very young kidhood: a desk and a cat. The cat has been acquired, but now I just need the desk. My back is kind of screaming for it at this point.

Today, I’m trying out writing up at my kitchen counter. The chair I’m sitting in still doesn’t have good back support, but it’s good to have my laptop at a height that’s higher up than my lap. And so far my back isn’t screaming at me. Here’s to hoping I can get my words done for today! I got about 3k done yesterday before my back killed me enough to make me stop, so I need to do about 5k today. Here’s to hoping I can get it done. I hope. *crosses fingers*

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