December Update!

Haven’t done one of these in a few months. Oops!

I’ve been vlogging a lot. That’s mainly what I do these days instead of writing blog posts. It’s easier. I can’t say it really takes less time, but it’s often simpler to just sit down and speak my thoughts rather than type them out. However, there is something I really like and enjoy about writing blogs.

I am a storyteller first and foremost, and though speaking my thoughts is easier than typing them a lot of the time, it’s also far easier for me to go off on a tangeant that is totally unrelated to the actual topic of the video. I’m also aware of the difference in the wording. When typing I tend to pay far more attention to the words I use and how I structure my sentences. When filming a video I just kind of ramble. In short, I guess I find it easier to tell a story and stay on topic of that story when I’m typing things as opposed to when I’m speaking them.

So, when it comes to the quick easy way of doing things, vlogging tends to win out. But sometimes, I want to just sit down and create something written. I am, after all, a writer. I enjoy putting words on the page (or, in this case, screen). I like publishing a blog post and seeing a page of written words complete with graphics and links and comments. I’m coming to realize that while I love vlogging, it will never replace blogging.

Since NaNoWriMo I haven’t really written anything. This blog post is probably the first thing I have written outside of paper journal entries. I adore the story I was writing and my characters. Leslie (my main character) is so near and dear to my heart. She’s searching, young and naive, for what she wants and not really realizing exactly how some of her actions are affecting those around her. Meanwhile she has a boyfriend that adores her and dotes on her every change he gets (though they have some problems) and this girl that is falling for her. Amidst all of this Hailey is on her own journey of healing, trying to figure out who she is and where she belongs. It’s all a fun story to write, though a very emotional one. It’s that emotionalness that has made me want a small break from the story even though part of me is super eager to get back to it.

I also find myself wanting to write a Yule story. So though I adore Hailey and Leslie, I’ve been trying to brainstorm that. Knowing me I’d probably try to work on both at the same time because that’s how I do…or at least…how I used to do. I used to always, always, always have two stories on the go at once. Not always both in the writing stage, sometimes one would be in the editing stage, but always two stories in the works. I kind of miss that.

Being that it’s the beginning of December, I’m going to set myself three goals for this month:

 1 ~ Read two books. I started a book at the beginning of October and still haven’t          finished reading it. That will count as one of the books in this goal.
2 ~ Begin a second story while continuing to work on my NaNo novel. It doesn’t have to be a Yule story, but I want to have two stories in the works again.
3 ~ Figure out a vlogging routine that works for me and makes me happy.

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