The Perfect December Day

Earlier I indulged in one of my favorite activities: lounging on my couch, warm sweatshirt on and soft blanket over me as I read. My cat dozed on her cat tree (and then in my partner’s chair when she wanted to sprawl out), and eventually I went to sleep for a short nap, too. It was kind of perfect on this frozen December day.

I finished reading one of the novellas in A Very Nantucket Christmas which means I’m halfway through the book. It was such a sweet story even if it felt rushed at times. I think if the author had slowed down and taken more time on some points, developed some of the obstacles and such more, spent more time on the emotional things the individual characters were going through it would have been even more of a heart tugger. For me the biggest heart tugger was by far Snix/Pooh–the terrier that gets abadnoned in the prologue. In all honesty that dog is what kept me reading for a good portion of the story. I needed to know he was safe, that he found a new home. Of course it would be a dog that hooks me 😛

I’m anxious to see what the next novella in the book is like. I’ll probably start it before I go to bed tonight.

Reading these Christmas stories has made me even more excited to write my own. I’m trying to give myself a few more days of just reading before I dive into working on another story though. However, in the meantime, while I am reading, I’m brainstorming characters and ideas so that when I do finish this book I’m ready to just jump right in with the writing. If I have an entire day set aside to do it I can write an entire first draft for a short story in one day. It’s a fun little challenge that I give myself every so often. I might try to carve out a day where I can do that, but in all honesty, with it being December and my birthday coming up in a few days, and the Winter holidays…I kind of just want to spend some time with my partner. Neither of us have family around us this time of year and so being with each other and enjoying time together is extra important and special to us.

What is your favorite way to spend a cold December day?

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