FREE Lesbian Short Story!

Happy Winter Solstice! In celebration, I though I would share a FREE lesbian short story that I wrote the other day. It actually has nothing to do with Yule, though the characters are on Winter break. But what better way to celebrate the returning light than by gifting the world with a bit more lesbian fiction? 😀 I hope you enjoy! ❤


Found on Tumblr

Molly stepped off the plane, tired but exuberant. She’d just spent 8 hours on a plane, flying across the Atlantic and through a diamond studded sky to reunite with her girlfriend in France. It had been four months since they’d been able to hold each other, and that time was about to come to an end. Celine was doing a study abroad program, and though Molly had wanted to come with her, she couldn’t. She had her own studies to attend to back in New York. But now it was Winter break and the two girls could be together again.

They had planned to spend every second of Winter break together, and Molly had hopped on the first plane out of JFK that would carry her to her love. She waded through the other passengers, trying to make her way to baggage claim where they had agreed to met. Her backpack and messenger bag were the only bags she had brought with her, preferring to travel as light as possible. But Celine had sworn that baggage claim was right next to coffee, and Molly desperately needed coffee. She’d been awake for more than 24 hours straight and didn’t want to go to sleep any time soon.

As she stepped onto the moving sidewalk her cell phone buzzed. It was Celine. “I can’t wait to see you,” it read. Molly beamed, her heart warming even more as she thought about her girlfriend waiting downstairs for her. Those few words perked her right up, and had nearly the same effect that coffee would. Sleep? Who would need sleep when she would be with the most beautiful girl in the world?

“Do you think you could move to one side?” a gruff voice came from behind her.

Molly looked up from her cell to see a large man with a scowl on his face standing behind her. “Oh, I’m sorry,” she said and scooted over on the walkway. She’d gotten so absorbed in looking at her phone’s wallpaper (a photo of her and Celine on a bridge that a kind stranger had taken on her last visit) that she hadn’t even noticed she was hogging up the walkway. But she wasn’t going to let some burly guy bring her down. In mere minutes she would be in the arms of the love of her life. Nothing could destroy her good mood.

The sidewalk came to an end and Molly weaved her way through other travelers. Off to the side other reunions were taking place. Couples embracing, a grandmother hugging her grandchildren, two twin sisters crying as they embraced each other. “Almost there!” she sent Celine and stuffed her cell in her back pocket.

A second later she was in baggage claim, and there at the other end was her girlfriend waving frantically for her. Nothing else mattered. She took off running towards the other end of the room and didn’t stop until they had their arms wrapped around each other. Both of them sobbed, embracing each other tightly, never wanting to let go.

The two stayed that way for a few minutes, uncaring if they were making a scene. When Celine finally stepped back she immediately hit one knee. In her hand she held a small velvet box with a red gem inside. Even her eyes seemed to be smiling as she looked up at Molly and into the eyes of the woman she loved with her whole heart.

Molly’s heart skipped a beat as more tears poured from her eyes. Tears of joy, tears of gratitude. Celine didn’t even have to ask the question before Molly vigorously nodded her head. Celine jumped up and immediately embraced her lover again, both girls so happy their hearts were overflowing. The entire baggage claim area was clapping when Celine slipped the garnet engagement ring onto Molly’s finger. They continued to clap when the two girls kissed for the first time as fiancee’s.

“I love you,” Molly said when they finally separated.

“I love you, too,” Celine said and linked her hand with Molly’s. “Come on. Let me get you a cup of coffee.”

Molly smiled and followed Celine down the hall to the coffee cart.

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