Year Of The (Get) Kraken!

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a great holiday season like I did. I’m not super fond of the Winter holidays (or of Winter in general), but I there was nothing I could really complain about this year. There was no snow, no drama, and I got to see people I don’t normally get to see. Only good things happened~

But now there is a new year beginning and that means yearly goals as well as a new theme for the year. Last year, for me, was the Year of Reclaiming, in which I attempt to get back to “me”, and for the most part I did. I’m still learning how to balance a lot of things, but I feel like I’m doing more of the things I care about now. So I feel like my year last year was a success in terms of that. So, this year, has a different theme. A theme that I feel like encompasses what I believe would be the next step in getting to where I want to be in my life.

2017 is the Year of the Kraken

I have chosen that title for several reasons. Kraken is a creature from mythology and since a lot of my writing is inspired by or based on myths, I found it incredibly appropriate that way. I also chose it because of the homophonic Crackin. As in “Get Crackin”. Basically it’s my fun way of telling myself “you know what you want and you’ve gotten back to your self enough that you can now get working on achieving your goals, so Get Crackin”.

To that end, I present to you my overarching 2017 Goals. I’m still going to make monthly goal videos (a new one will be up tomorrow!), but this list is what I’m going to make those monthly goals to eventually accomplish.

1. Read 40 Books! I was originally going to make this 50 books (a book a week, with one or two weeks off), and then I looked at my writing goals and various other goals for the year and realized that might be a bit of a stretch. So I dropped it down to 40 books, which equals out to just over 3 books a month. That should be a cake walk for me.

2. Develop a steady writing practice. Right now I don’t have a dedicated writing time or a certain amount of times I write each week which seriously hinders my productivity. I want to boost that significantly. I also realize that I’ve let other people influence me into thinking that writing isn’t really doing anything, but that’s so very wrong. And so in an attempt to write more things and to force myself to think differently about writing in general I am making this a goal. Just because I’m sitting at a computer and typing doesn’t mean I’m doing nothing, dammit. 😛

3. Release 3 books. Books for me are not defined solely by novels. I am not going to pigeon hole myself by stating exactly what books I want to put out or when, BUT ideally I would like to release a Samhain story, my 2016 NaNoWriMo novel, and perhaps my Selkie story. Though, again, I’m not promising anything. These are just things I would like to put out this year.

4. Play more (video) games. I play a lot of board games, and I also play a TON of Hearthstone. But there are other video games I really want to play. I want to finally beat Windwaker, I want to finish Pokemon Moon, I want to play Resident Evil 7 (when it’s released) and Telltatle’s Batman game. I’m super excited about all of these. So I want to make sure I actually play these things. (This is also a little bit more of the Reclaiming sticking along to this year. I used to play video games ALL THE TIME then adulthood kind of forced me to set them aside, but to my unliking.)

5. Attend Faerie Con, NYC’s Pagan Pride Day, and NYC’s Gay Pride Parade. The latter two I went to last year and LOVED and I want to make sure I get back there again this year. Faerie Con is something I’ve wanted to do for years and haven’t mainly because of lacking resources. But I’m hoping if I start planning early enough I can make it happen this year.

6. Get healthier. This means not procrastinating doctors, getting more exercise, and eating healthier. Ideally I would like to lose about 50 pounds this year, but that’s not likely to happen (I know me. I might be able to come close to that, but it likely won’t be a full 50). Being healthier is the overall goal there though, not really weightloss. I just want to be able to live a long time so I can read a lot of books, write a lot of stories, and play a ton of games!

7. Further my spiritual practice. Daily prayers and/or meditations, learning more about Runes, getting to know even more about my Gods and their relatives, etc. I also want to start doing a weekly ritual for Odin again. That was something I used to do years ago that I didn’t get to rekindle this past year, but would like to. I got a lot out of it.

8. Be more ecofriendly. Don’t forget to bring my reusable bags, start recycling again, avoid plastic bottles whenever I can, etc. Do things that help the planet instead of further hurting it.

What are your goals for 2017?

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