The Choice


At the end of the foggy path the werewolf waited for her. “You’re finally here,” she said after shifting into her human form.

“I am,” the woman said, looking the werewolf in the eye. Even when human her eyes retained a wolven quality that Melissa loved. “I choose you.”

The werewolf smiled, showing off the fangs that never quite went away. “Really? What about your family?”

“They can’t tell me who to be or who to love. That is for my heart to choose. And it chooses you, Nora.”

Nora threw her arms around Melissa, drawing her into a deep loving kiss. She hated that Nora had to give up her family for her, but she was grateful the woman loved her. “Are you sure?” she asked when she pulled back from the kiss.

“I’m sure,” Melissa said and kissed her girlfriend again.

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